Impressions, Fathoms and Whatnots.

Some short poetry (and whatnot) mostly culled from my recent twitter: @DaniellTriumph



Alexandre on the Harpsichord.jpg

Alexandre on the Harpsichord.

Playing a few things… 1, 2.


They marry young and you, look at them
And their joy and
Judge them
Through resentful eyes.


Then you realize,
The music is all tragedies,
It’s time to stop
drag your knees.

Stand up and
Thrash metal and
Run, sprint,
————— life’s
endurance not whim.



“And if you continue down this path you will have more than this injury; this weakness. You will lose the entire hand.”

“Is it, then? Is it the wrong path?”

“That is not for Me to tell you. This is for you to discern. This is for you to decide.”


You can play a little with syntax and fool with old styling like
But it’s hard to write in abjad, or even read it because there are
n vls.

— Chloe Rhye


Psychology courses choked full

Chocked full of students of people

Chocked full of those who take the soft sciences and
They will struggle to find work when they graduate
And they have to
—— they have to
——————— to enter the real world.


Just because it ‘feels right’ doesn’t mean it is.

Just because it feels right, doesn’t mean it can’t ruin your life.

Something to be said for the intuition, the gut feeling that is.

Follow your heart? I think so, but don’t follow your emotions without using your mind.


“Dream some good dreams for me, Lloyd.”

— Colette Brunel
(Tales of Symphonia 2003)


Single… Might as well be a cowboy
and freedom
and whatnot

…I don’t want to be alone, but
Here we are, my love,
And here we need not stay
Just wait a bit,
And have patience, okay?



If you have to point out that you’re not trying to be political, you’re probably still being political.

Just more… By accident.

11, in which I yell about Trump on twitter.

Trump’s wall plan is looking pretty good from up here in Canada.

Feel free to fight me about it.


Hit me with the black keys until I wake up and
Then play me a melody and, my love, and I’ll tune into to you.

We can play to each other and
Adjust and tune in and we
Play along now, my lover and
Come dance with me?

Daniel Triumph.

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