Tag: romance

  • Awaken the Air [Night Sky Technica]

    She was masculine, diurnal, occidental, of the winter, and changeable.¹Vapour rises from the warm and moist, but it is not a good mixture,It destroys life, Often her own.On the whole, her nature was changeable, but unchanged, as all women are.Youthful and new, she bites her lip, better at the end.She is in my blood already […]

  • 5/5 Walk the Earth Alone

    Last of the Last Act: 5 – Walk the Earth Alone I of V I’m alive, And this is where I am, The area is too confined and the footing is poor. It would be wise not to linger. But I want us to linger I want you too. I want you I want I […]

  • Wither’s Shine

    Last of the Last Act: 4 – Wither’s Shine Let me repeat What I said To You In my head. Only yesterday, you told me you were gone All these normal people, will I find another one? These days I am a failure, But I’m your protector. You are? I had danced alone for so long, […]

  • Fathom’s Qart

    We’re nearly done, ladies and gentlemen. Just have to calm the animal spirit, and we can continue this journey. I would like to thank Dr. Nasser Hussain for encouraging me to return to this piece and fix the verse and meter. Au.3.2018 (Ma.20.2019) I’ll be a while Because I need to see the sun set […]

  • Impressions, Fathoms and Whatnots.

    Some short poetry (and whatnot) mostly culled from my recent twitter: @DaniellTriumph :3 1 Alexandre on the Harpsichord. Playing a few things… 1, 2. 2a They marry young and you, look at them And their joy and Judge them Through resentful eyes. (3)2b Then you realize, The music is all tragedies, It’s time to stop drag […]