I am Daniel Triumph. That’s it.


About Me

I was born in 1996, and I’m still not dead. I got my high school degree in 2015, and I intend to get my English Literature and Creative Writing degree in 2021. My life goal is to take over the universe, and dethrone whoever the top high-fantasy writer is in the future. Short of that, with something like an English degree, there’s a good chance I’ll be doing something rather mundane with a spirit of desperate intellectualism. I’ve been fairly independent from my parent(s) since I was around eighteen or nineteen.

I have been writing for about three years; since 2016, but Däwngale has been around since 2013, and characters like Yaska May and Chloe Rhye stretch back even further to 2011. But enough history and dates! What do I write?

About My Fiction

Nearly all of my work takes place in the setting of Däwngale, which makes it “high-fantasy” by default. I don’t really want to be the next Tolkien or anything, so this isn’t really the genre I try to pursue. What I like, is realism. Tolstoy. Austin. Whitman. So, despite my setting, I write realism.

The time period I write is not medieval, it’s early-modern. What happened during the early modern period? The Renaissance! The Humanist movement! Education reforms! The Liberal Arts! Lot’s of cool stuff that misses all the other high-fantasy folk who want to write about dragons and elves. You won’t find either in Däwngale. In fact, you will find almost no fantasy elements besides the setting.

When I don’t write in Däwngale, I’m usually writing thoughtful, or emotional poetry. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s one of those; when it rains it pours sort of things. Most of my work is adventure, or romance, or both. Some of it gets a little violent. Rarely do things get too racy here. Finally, a lot of my characters recur, so the more you read, the more you’ll see how everything is networked together.

On the web, my handle is usually @DaniellTriumph.

You can find me online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or DeviantArt.
My email is: daniel.triumph@outlook.com

Thanks for coming to this page, I’d love to hear anything you’ve got to say. Liked a story or series? Tell me! Thought something was rubbish? I’d love to know. I welcome feedback and criticism.

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