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Hello, welcome to the Daniel Triumph Archive site. Though this site is no longer updated, you can find short stories, novel excerpts, and articles written from 2017-2022.

I am working on a new site under the domain danieltriumph.com. It is currently under construction. Further, I am forming a company website for my publishing corporation at chochmaarts.ca. This site is also under development. Until those are ready, please enjoy the content on the archive.

Below is the old cover page for the site. Welcome.

Hello! Welcome to my fiction blog. This website mostly functions as a home for my stories and writings, as well as a hub for my complete, experimental, and serialized work (a webnovel). You’ll find writing of all sorts here.

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I personally recommend starting with my current project, The Solune Prince. You could also try the first draft of Alice and Finch, it’s more conventional; it’s an easier read. It hovers awkwardly around YA and fantasy. You could also browse the short stories, or poems, or, you may choose to find your own way via the Table of Contents, or the most recent posts.

Nearly all of my content is set in the semi-fictional world of Dawngale. So far it seems to be localized in the Solune Kingdom and the Plainkind Desert to the west, although Span [incomplete] takes place in the N’Tarial lands, and The Solune Prince is to be set primarily in the Lussa City.

Tables of Contents are a little behind right now, but tags and categories should make up for that.

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Current Projects

(As of 18.01.2020)

  • Writing the third draft of The Solune Prince, a (web) serial.
  • Actually improving my planning and drafting abilities—and writing, of course.
  • Working on writing stories that allow for thought. And prudentia.
  • Trying to increase my reading skills. (I have weird reading issues.)
  • Trying to actually sleep properly.