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  • Confided III [Au 10/22]

    Part 1, Part 2 He Wrote: Options. I have too many options. God has given me spirituality in the part of hard work, and so I am working hard, but at too many things. Sleep eludes me, work increases, strength wanes, and one such as I will grind forward relentless, grinding into the soft flesh […]

  • The Path

    Before you was set the path,  What you were supposed to do? Or was it,    What they said you were supposed to do?But you didn’t like being told what to do,So you wandered off the path.And years went byAnd you never stopped wanderingYou never found your own way. But before it was too late you looked back,You […]

  • The Tour (part I)

    2021 Dec 10, 19 IWalk in the outgrown pathSink into the soft tall grassWander, see the spire, the buildings around you The clock strikes, bell tolls,Knowledge surrounds you,Held in humans and tomes And what do you see?Here at the overgrown Academy?The scholar passes by,Impressive and regal. Of course I’m right behind you,You didn’t forget about […]

  • Alexandre in Sections (table of contents)

    This is a collection of Alexandre Siren/Dirge’s story. This mostly covers her backstory, and each peace is generally in a different style. Enjoy! Raze From the Journals of Anselm Siren Cry in Anger Dirge Chronicle Wraith Hail Artifact Edition Shade the Past Sirens His Old Withered House Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 String Quartet […]

  • The Changes

    And everything is different now, Everything has changed This world, shrouded in mystery, has been pulled wide open, Shrouded in light. Calm and warm, but bright, and hazy, Illuminated, but I can’t tell—I can’t see clearly, and I think it is my eyes, not the light.   No longer do I walk through the unknown; […]

  • Four Lines from 2019

    And I fall short of my plans—alwaysAlways short, always never enoughSet your finger to the sky,Then pull it down, you’ll find me there. I found this in an old notebook. I don’t really remember writing it, but I’m sure I did. So here you go. Daniel Triumph.

  • Sessions

    The more a person knows, the more their fears have to work with. I felt like all my past achievements were…worthless.And how do you feel now?The same. But I’ve realized I feel like everyone’s achievements are worthless.So now you believe your previous work has value.No, now I believe I’m in no place to judge. Why […]

  • One Man’s Fantasy – A Sermon

    Jn th’ place thov hast seen only in uiſions who dither hence Silver cloods and little dreams that thither deep inſide The skool, from inſide you meditate your way to places Higher than the cloods a place a freedom far from hær You can diue and dance act with no fær

  • The Lake's Hands

    Follow me, step into a memory I was going down— I’m going down, Step into the pools, Into the lake, and I’ll drown. Someone is here, A messenger is here, As I sink down And Feet touch the ground, They’ve surround me, Messengers among us Did you come to live with me? Or would you just […]

  • Old familiar existence presses me again. Deprived, I am. Deprived the self of living, lie awake at night. Lie is a lie. Instead, stand or sit, and stimulate. Let lights shine on and blind the night. And then let obligation wash over me. Pressure me to the place between itself and night. It eats away […]

  • The Capital

    I visit the capital this time year after year. It’s the country’s iron face, reflecting the nation’s fear. Success and failure are concentrated and heightened, I’ll show you what I mean soon, don’t be frightened.   I might as well deliver the bad news first, Shrinking middle-class pockets always seem to thirst. In a city […]

  • 5/5 Walk the Earth Alone

    Last of the Last Act: 5 – Walk the Earth Alone I of V I’m alive, And this is where I am, The area is too confined and the footing is poor. It would be wise not to linger. But I want us to linger I want you too. I want you I want I […]

  • Harbour (But I Don’t Drown)

    Last of the Last Act: 3 – Harbour (But I Don’t Drown) Follow me, I’m going down Going down, do-own. Step with me, go into the pools, go Into the lake, let’s drown And somebody’s here, An messenger, And nothing but rot, Covers, so-o And I sink down Feet touching the ground, The nixies surround […]

  • Shed Tides

    Last of the Last Act: 2 – Shed Tides Take me to a fairy tale where dreams they all come true. Will I ever breathe your scent, and see what’s really you? And now soon I’ll regain conscious, my fingers you’ll slip through. And let let me breathe you in again, I want it to […]

  • Last of the Last Act (Table of Contents)

    Table of Contents: Fathoms and Actors [The Last of the Last Act is still being written. Dead links will be active in coming days.] Last of the Last Act (Complete) Fathom’s Qart Shed Tides  Harbour, but I Don’t Drown  Wither’s Shine Walk the Earth Alone The lists below are incomplete. The First Set The First […]

  • I saw it, only half the annum past.

    And I will shred And deteriorate But only for a moment I saw it, only half the annum past. And now I walk in front, when I can When I can When I can. Fathom’s Qart.

  • Fathom’s Qart

    We’re nearly done, ladies and gentlemen. Just have to calm the animal spirit, and we can continue this journey. I would like to thank Dr. Nasser Hussain for encouraging me to return to this piece and fix the verse and meter. Au.3.2018 (Ma.20.2019) I’ll be a while Because I need to see the sun set […]

  • Wraith Hail (Artifact Edition)

    The Demo Tapes Part 2 – Wraith Hail. Artifact Edition To anyone who has read one of the two previous uploads of “Wraith Hail,” please note that this version of the story is quite different. Due to WordPress’s frustratingly limited formatting options, I should inform you of one thing: the italicized numbers are markers for […]