Confided III [Au 10/22]

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He Wrote:

Options. I have too many options. God has given me spirituality in the part of hard work, and so I am working hard, but at too many things. Sleep eludes me, work increases, strength wanes, and one such as I will grind forward relentless, grinding into the soft flesh and nerves of my body. But sleep overtakes such a relentless man.

The day must soon be cut in two, and in dreams do memories form. I remember her. Emotion recollected in tranquillity. Hoping to cease not till death. God remembers her. Addiction seethes away from her, I believe she is getting stronger. The moon shines upon us, we edge away from darkness though it is still night.

The yoke is lighter when you remember it is there.

Anselm Siren

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