The Lake's Hands

Follow me,
step into a memory
I was going down—

I’m going down,
Step into the pools,
Into the lake, and I’ll drown.
Someone is here,
A messenger is here,
As I sink down

And Feet touch the ground,
They've surround me,
Messengers among us
Did you come to live with me?
Or would you just watch,
Tightened the lungs,
Watch me drown.

The cold teaches lessons,
Water tastes like being taught,
Inhale it tastes like being caught.
The spirits they breathe,
From lips, in spirits I breathe,
Breathe out
Do breath in
                   and drown—
Drown in air they breath out.

Maybe there’s a place for me in this,
Maybe there’s a life I should not miss.
Maybe it isn’t only in my dreams,
If I could only keep my life awake.

Even when nose breathed,
Breathed into, given to life.
And can you see the water around me?
See the powers that surround me?
And just in case they aren’t.
And maybe they never were,
Messengers, spirits, powers,
Maybe it was me all along,
I do not know for sure,
Maybe you can tell me.

Did they take my arms,
And pull me,
To the surface,
See skies waver in front,
And here I have stopped,
A hand-breadth away.
The messengers hold me before light of day.
Because you can only be taken to the doorstep,
Choice wholly my own, they wither away,
Taken only to the threshold and say,
Choose Life, so that you may Live.
So I did.
And I swim,
Breach the surface.

Daniel Triumph.

Something quick. It’s an edited excerpt from Harbour.


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