Shed Tides

Last of the Last Act: 2 – Shed Tides

Take me to a fairy tale where dreams they all come true.
Will I ever breathe your scent, and see what’s really you?
And now soon I’ll regain conscious, my fingers you’ll slip through.
And let let me breathe you in again, I want it to be true
To be true

When I close my eyes I dance with you
My love it all comes through
And when you close them do you see the same thing, or do I fade away?
When I had casted down reality, we danced in our shared fantasy,
And I could really love you there, but that we only sometimes shared,
And you would drift away from me,
You’d close your eyes, refuse the sights
And there you wouldn’t dance away,
You couldn’t wait, though here I’d stay just for you,
I would stay

So while I have you by the neck, goodbye
Because love is weak, we can’t deny
Wish I could have seen again your face,
And did you wear expressions of disgrace,
Just for me?

So I conjure a new fantasy, one where you aren’t there
And your shining face creeps into it, I swear I’ll lose my fear
I wish you knew the future darling, and tell me what’s to come,
Would we have ever lost ourselves inside each other
Lovers by one?
Or would you drift away and I was never good enough
For your perfect rainbow of emotion, and arousal magnified
And I could feel the heat, thousands miles away, oh
Touch me, dance along with me, one little final time,
Don’t forget you once were here, you’re mine but now it’s ever gone,
We no more

And when I cried out like a broken creature,
Did you still love me, or was I just a damaged pity object
Did you watch in fear, and do I fill you with disgust,
Old lover, when I used to try—
I would try.

Daniel Triumph.

The Rest of the Last Act

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