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  • Purgèd Youthful Earth

    She was nocturnal, feminine;She came only at night. I cut my fingers off.¹It was upon confession that the joy left us, And instead she became the night woman. Only at nightLoving at night,And cooling the day. Chilled the day, summer passed in frigid bipolarity, My heart burned out to compensate.And in the cool cold winter,She […]

  • Refathomable Flashbacking

    1 (Saccharine Sweet) Alexandre,Truly a teeth-first woman,Not quite sharp tongued,Sharp toothed.Black metal teeth, perhaps,The source for that. Put past her teeth,Not sharp tonged,Almost quick witted,Her mouth,Like sugared, overripe fruit,Warm and saccharine. — Anselm Siren 2 (Meditations on Sight) II And I saw her near the shore,And she hadn’t followed me, but there was she,Knees d(ee)amp […]

  • Leftovers

    A few short poems. 1 I can imagine my children asking me, “What’s a penny?”| Then one day we could travel to the United States and see a penny in real life. Because Canada got rid of them years ago. 2 Alexandre,Truly a teeth-first woman,Not quite sharp tongued,Sharp toothed.Black metal teeth, perhaps,The source for that. […]

  • Harbour (But I Don’t Drown)

    Last of the Last Act: 3 – Harbour (But I Don’t Drown) Follow me, I’m going down Going down, do-own. Step with me, go into the pools, go Into the lake, let’s drown And somebody’s here, An messenger, And nothing but rot, Covers, so-o And I sink down Feet touching the ground, The nixies surround […]

  • Shed Tides

    Last of the Last Act: 2 – Shed Tides Take me to a fairy tale where dreams they all come true. Will I ever breathe your scent, and see what’s really you? And now soon I’ll regain conscious, my fingers you’ll slip through. And let let me breathe you in again, I want it to […]

  • Last of the Last Act (Table of Contents)

    Table of Contents: Fathoms and Actors [The Last of the Last Act is still being written. Dead links will be active in coming days.] Last of the Last Act (Complete) Fathom’s Qart Shed Tides  Harbour, but I Don’t Drown  Wither’s Shine Walk the Earth Alone The lists below are incomplete. The First Set The First […]

  • Wither’s Shine

    Last of the Last Act: 4 – Wither’s Shine Let me repeat What I said To You In my head. Only yesterday, you told me you were gone All these normal people, will I find another one? These days I am a failure, But I’m your protector. You are? I had danced alone for so long, […]

  • Fathom’s Qart

    We’re nearly done, ladies and gentlemen. Just have to calm the animal spirit, and we can continue this journey. I would like to thank Dr. Nasser Hussain for encouraging me to return to this piece and fix the verse and meter. Au.3.2018 (Ma.20.2019) I’ll be a while Because I need to see the sun set […]

  • Impressions, Fathoms and Whatnots.

    Some short poetry (and whatnot) mostly culled from my recent twitter: @DaniellTriumph :3 1 Alexandre on the Harpsichord. Playing a few things… 1, 2. 2a They marry young and you, look at them And their joy and Judge them Through resentful eyes. (3)2b Then you realize, The music is all tragedies, It’s time to stop drag […]

  • Fathomable Digression II

    11 The goth types are now The grunge types are now The nu metal types are now the The old school anime types are now the The depressed types are now Identifying as who they were yesterday, Not who they want to be tomorrow. 12 Anyone whose favourite colour is red Might be suspicious. I […]

  • Passive Regressions 3

    Passive Regressions 1 Passive Regressions 2 27 Unlike you, I’m not vision to my self, you piece of sh- and yet, what has happened But nothing? 28 I could be the something other, I could rain you joy. Something like a real lover Boys we aren’t just…toys I heard what you said, kitten, say it […]

  • Fathomable Impressions

    P.S.: This piece is, like, months old. Not sure why it was sitting in drafts for so long. Oh nevermind, these poems are really contentious lol. Written September 18, 2018. Edited today. Whew! This one’s a doozy, You have been warned. “Feel the pain of those inferior beings As you burn in hell.” — The […]

  • GrindStorm

    The darker than black Shake, giving myself A heart attack Accidentally oh and passively I Shed her, kill all that I love and Oh how remote, alone, from here I Stand not a chance oh lone. Lovely, come back The greater they are the Darker the fall my Scaffolding is just As deep as it’s […]

  • Sing me a Lovely Lovers’ Song!

    Oh love my love you are peace Oh love my love I want your peace I’ll keep you safe! I’m on my knees. You see oh lovely love o’ love my love oh can’t you see? I have to, want to build a home for you and me! You are my joy Must keep you […]

  • Tell me a story that you cherish. (v2, standalone)

    Tell me a story that you cherish. (v2, standalone)

    (v1 of this piece was in the short anthology, Passive Progressions.) This was written in September, when my life was more stable because she was not talking to me. Now, it’s a little different. Horray, for Chaos has returned to me once again! A Romantic: A person with beliefs or attitudes of mystery, excitement, and […]

  • Sing me a song; so that I may Dance!

    Sing me a siren song, draw me — to the rocks. Sing me your siren song, You know — I’ll cling fast. Sing me a pretty song, I love you, your voice. Sing me a lovely song, You know I am yours. Sing me oh sing me oh singing me love Sing me oh sing […]

  • Passive Progressions

    1 Tired Megadeth Risk track 1 Drop class Shower twice Bathe once Teeth rot Pen art. I’m dogmatic? Evidence? “Ad hominen” Irrational I see. I can play along. I’ll beat your teeth in You fucking coward. Nap four hours Jews were right. Hello love, Marry me. Naked Alone Lock the door. Just want a home. […]

  • The Last of the First Act

    P.S.: This was written around a month ago, and is thus no longer reality, but fiction. “My life ended And I missed it.” – dan… The cause of my affliction Can never be resolved A case for self infliction Whose sin can’t be dissolved Your body’s empty now, As I hold you—now gone I miss […]