The Last of the First Act

This was written around a month ago, and is thus no longer reality, but fiction.

“My life ended
And I missed it.” – dan…

The cause of my affliction
Can never be resolved
A case for self infliction
Whose sin can’t be dissolved
Your body’s empty now,
As I hold you—now gone I miss you,
But I TOLD you—

All within my hands
Love to death,
smack you ’round and round and
Choking is my fetish
All within my hands

Love is control
I’ll die if I let go
Give me one good reason
Why this has to be
That’s all I’m asking for
Don’t say that it’s over

Let it go

Just then the walls opened, just as they promised not to flee
Their plans were turned around and

Fuck it all and no regrets
I hit the lights on these dark sets
I need a voice to let myself
To let myself go free
Fuck it all and fuckin’ no regrets
I hit the lights on these dark steps
Medallion noose, I hang myself
Saint Anger ’round my neck

And I choke… on the cross
As I hang… as I’m hangingI just wanna die today
I just wanna die
Will tell you why

I’m madly in anger with you
I feel my world shake
Like an earth quake
Hard to see clear
Is it me? Is it fear?

All within my hands
Squeeze it in, crush it down
All with my hands
Hold it dear, hold it suffocate.

Searching my head
For the words that you said

The light at the end of the tunnel
Was turned off
And something I noticed
Beating you is thrilling me
I’ve got a secret for you

Tears filled my eyes
As we said our last goodbyes
This sad scene replays
Of you walking away

The tides of change pulled us apart
I feel a familiar pain
In my hour of need,
No, you are not there
And though I reached out for you,
Wouldn’t lend a hand
My darkest hour is every hour
You’re not there
When no words are spoken and please are ignored
Your tears go unnoticed, will you say enough?

Did you ever think I get lonely?
Did you ever think that I needed love?
Did you ever think, stop thinking;
You’re the only one that I’m thinking of.
Goodbye 1000 times goodbye
The thought never crossed my mind
That this would be my last goodbye.

My heart, it hurts
‘Cause it never catches its breath
I’m still staying when I should have left
Come to where the waters meet the shore
I’ll be there
And I will stay, leaving you

I am really afraid
But I am her protector
You know?
You’ll be never alone again,
Cause I am your protector.

Waves—close your eyes and count slow
In this moment things are getting dangerous.
Oh no.
I can’t find my way.
All these things that left me in their waiting.
—I keep shaking.

But the things that she said sounded peculiar and strange
Like she couldn’t believe the words that were shaping
Her future life
“You’re on you own now, dressed in armour.
If you run faster, you’ll forget.”
“Have you forgotten me for flowers in your hair?
Still I run my hands—
—My hand along your dress.”
[And now I owe,
I owe the voices in my head,
They said, “were these things miracles?”
My heart beats like a…
So you want deliverance that fourteen years couldn’t bring?
Or do you want to bury all the evidence so far down.
All your dreams are always coming true
Either way you still find you take a life

Now my heart is shaking and terrified
But some how you might rescue me.
But you will break your back fighting,
Before you let them break your pride
Only yesterday
they told me you were gone.
All these normal people,
will I find another one?

I said I need you, does that make me wrong?
Am I a weak man, ARE YOU feeling strong?
My heart was blackened, it’s bloody red
A hole in my heart, a hole in my head
I forgot you said,
“one day you’ll walk alone…”
— —
Who will help me up?
Where’s the helping hand?
Will you turn on me?
Is this my final stand?

Turn the handle to the shadowlands,
Legs will break like shattering glass
Asking my—my swollen bloodlet eyes
a solemn oath I make
cross my heart please let me sleep.

I can see the future.
An outstretched hand,
Leave in my sutures.
I pray, if it Please you.
Let me healshoot me again, I ain’t dead yet,

No lost memories,
they’re just a dream, a fantasy;
in agony, lost family,
and lost for a dream.
Gone now! Yet I’m full of hate
I’ll probably end up in flames
Before the end of the night
—A visionary that made it.
Has it escalated?

I like the way that I make you itch
And all the reasons I give you to bitch
I swear we’ll flood your city,
No choice it’s what you’re getting.
Come on take my hand and follow,
Open my virgin eyes and I’ll see,
I like the way that you let me in
The way you look
when the walls cave in.

Don’t play the hero,
There is no past there is no future.
Attack the church dynamic, attack the family
Keep the public undisciplined till nothing left is sacred
This open wound will kill us all.
Medallion noose,
I hang myself,
Saint anger ‘round my neck.

Take; take your time,
But move so fast, ‘cause hearts move on,
And this is real.
Do you believe that I tried so hard to take it home
But never felt a single moment
But understand that it’s still not right
So come back to me
I can’t find it but maybe I’ll cope
And can you hide it and never let go?
Come back to you, I only knew

Is this my final stand?

Two hearts that shouldn’t
Talk to each other become close
In a place much like a prison cell
And now you tell me that I have something that’s missing?
Remember that you said, “one day you’ll walk alone”?

His one last thought blew his mind, bullet to the brain
Hot lead was penetrating deeper
Just one reckless shot squeezed from the hand
—Is turning itself inside out
That knows forbidden fruit tastes sweeter
—To lead its path up to meet us
Shoot me again
—And we deliberately take
I ain’t dead yet
—A step,
One day you’ll walk alone
—one foot closer to the grave.
To the grave

Is it my face you see?
Do I haunt you in your sleep?
On your hands and knees when you crawl
Through your nightmares?
I walk—I walk alone
To the promised land
There’s a better place for me
But it’s far, far away
Everlasting life for me
In a perfect world
But I gotta die first
Please God send me on my way
As I hang… And I’m hanging

Waiting wall of murder
Consummating hate
League of perpetuity
Will open wounds of disbelief

Up on my podium, as the / Know it all scholar
Down in my seat of judgement / Gavel’s bang, uphold the law
Up on my soapbox, a leader / Out to change the world
Down in my pulpit as the holier- / than-thou-could-be-messenger of God!

Through self immolation
You desecrate the ground
Annihilate the innocents
In crucifixion crashing down

It’s like I woke up and she was right there, you know, I can almost touch her, although she’s been gone for years now…I can feel her……watching me.

I will meet you in the Next Life, I promise you
Where we can be together, I promise you
I will wait till then in Heaven, I promise you
I promise, I promise

I hope the end
Is less painful than my life.
I stand on trial before the gods
On Judgement day
A blink of an eye between
The cradle and the grave
Detonate the human bomb,
hands are all awash in blood.
Don’t want no revenge
Ain’t no pay back time
It ain’t called getting even
Here comes the reckoning day.

Valhalla———you are calling
Elysian Fields—we are storming the heavens
Valhalla———you are calling me home
Elysian Fields—we raise the swords and shields
Valhalla———new day dawning
Elysian Fields—we ascend to our destiny
Valhalla——— this is where I belong – I belong
Elysian Fields—to the Elysian Fields

Whip the back
Of your messiah,
Your peace kills by death
Bow your head,
The prayer calls to violence
That history rejects.

Mouths are spitting venom
Shocked senseless by the grief
Another day of dying
As your terror cry abominates
Mushroom cloud is coming
Hanging by the nails
Gasoline the olive branch
—But strength is born from weakness,
And this is where I fall.
She said, I swallow keys,
So of course I stole her lock.
I step up to the enemy
And rise from where I crawled.

Soaring to the sun
With blood upon their wings
Life from death
Combat rests
Heralds peace for the slain
The laying down of arms
Is like cancer to their bones
I’ll never let you walk alone
I loved you when you still hated me

Idolize the demi-gods
The Weapon of Stigmata
Drowning in the grail of blood
The Weapon of Stigmata
Penance from the rancid icon
Virgin weeping plasma

This could be all the heaven you need
Life can be wicked, mean and cold
Could this be the end of your living terror?
Come with me, and I’ll train your soul;
Just one thing that I want you to know
I am, I am really afraid
But maybe it’s meant to be this way,
‘Cause we are the young in love.
I am, I am really afraid,
But I am your protector!
You know,
You’ll be never alone again,
I’ll never let you walk alone
I loved you when you still hated me
I’m coming and it won’t be long
Time to reap what I have sewn
Never ever let you walk alone
I know your enemy it once was me

Can you hear my calling?
Down on the streets below?
Bright city lights would glow,
The energy would rise
And through the heat I’d gaze
Still counting empty days
With fire in my eyes.
Cause you and I both know
You can’t put out this love
The fire burns below

I like the way that your stomach knots.
I want your grabby hands.
You didn’t go to heaven, you’re down in hell with me.
Pearls of wisdom hit the floor, There’s nothing you can do.
But don’t say a word.

Lights shined on my path,
Turn bad days into good
Turn breakdowns into blocks, I smashed ’em
Cause I could
My brain was Labored, My head would spin
Don’t let me down, don’t give up, don’t give in
The rain comes down, cold wind blows
The plans we made are back up on the road
Turn up my collar, welcome the unknown
Remember that you said
“Will we both walk alone?”

Oh how strange fate is.
Never dreamed of this,
Fever—You set my soul on fire,
Fever—You fill me with desire,] (Judas Priest)
Fever—[I’m more alive I’ve ever been] (Ellie Goulding)
[—So now I give you all my sin

I’ve chosen you; I’ve chosen you—
But don’t say a word.
And if I save us, and I fall down
I will leave your words behind now.
If you never, held me under,
If you never hear my thunder.

Why are we marching
In perfect harmony?
‘Cause you carry the burden,
Lost in this nightmare.
A storm is coming, get ready
Louder than an atom bomb
Brighter than a thousand suns.

You better learn to dance in the rain,
With me,
Instead of waiting for the sun.
The sun will never come.
Spread your wings and take flight over the hills.

[I could almost be the ghost of myself] (Fractal Cypher)

[Flying high on rapture
Stronger free and brave] (Judas Priest)
[Now walk the earth!] (Falling Up)

Life ends when we feel no pain—
—Until then, we strive—
Choked that the beginning—
[You exhaust me in the most beautiful way.
You inspire me at my most terrific
And at my most degenerate.] (To be Continued)
[Now I know that I’m alive,
All the loneliness is filled
By you, inside
Let me wrap my arms all around you
suffer the trespasses that you made
I will drink your pain away
forever and a day
if you just call out my name
If you just call
call my name

Seems this house is bursting at the seams.
Oh no.
Is it fine to say I’m ready to believe?
Stay here, closer.
This time it means something

I want everything that makes me feel alright
That feels alive, don’t ask me why
I want everything, right before my eyes
I can’t deny I want to be the King!
My life is everything
That feeds my thirst
That causes sin
My wants are all I care
No shame and guilt,
there’s nothing there.

Flashing sharp, don’t be afraid,
In this moment things are getting dangerous,
Against your heart;
Don’t be afraid.

Goodness Gracious, I can’t seem to stop,
I have returned, armed with pages of text,
Till I saw a clear way to die.
The quickest way to end the war
Is lose.

Generation of the dark watch their lives decay
Persecuting their ‘own kind’, there’s nothing you can say
Don’t ask anyone for help, they won’t know what to do
If you try, if you don’t die, you’ll end up black and blue.
Remember that you said, “One day you’ll walk alone.”

Daniel Triumph, the hopeful romantic.

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