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  • Raze

    The Demo Tapes Part 1 – Raze Portfolio Edition When she had finished speaking, she stared at me. I looked at her rather intensely. She glared at me openly. Perhaps she lacked a sense of etiquette, or perhaps the intensity came from an underlying edge—perhaps more than an edge—of…something. “And as a result,” I continued, […]

  • The Last of the First Act

    P.S.: This was written around a month ago, and is thus no longer reality, but fiction. “My life ended And I missed it.” – dan… The cause of my affliction Can never be resolved A case for self infliction Whose sin can’t be dissolved Your body’s empty now, As I hold you—now gone I miss […]

  • Dear Diary, a playlist.

    Dear Diary, This is who I am right now. Thanks for listening, Daniel Triumph. <>

  • Concrete Poetry Collection

    This is an anthology post of my recent exploration into photographic and concrete poetry. St(.)Rangers second draft. (09.06.2018) XXX by Alexandre (09.04.2018) Megadeth lyrics, red prismacolor, printer paper, on a door (copyright Megadeth, 1985) Mastering the Work Clock (08.31.2018) Millennial + Gen Z (Romantic version) (08.30.2018) Goth Ewe II (AKA my coworker friend and Gothic […]

  • “Daaaan”’s Epic list of Albums

    These are my favourite albums, off the top of my head. I listen to a small list of great bands and that’s it. Obviously, this list was made for a girl. Best Crucible (Halford) [a favourite] Falling Up (Falling Up) Youthanasia (Megadeth) [thinking of you] Screaming for Vengeance (Judas Priest) Super Collider (Megadeth) [The haters […]

  • The First of Many

    After my previous “avant-garde” poetic endeavour, I figured I’d share another one. This is, of course, dedicated to the person I wrote it for. *** “I feel it only necessary to preface a work such as this with a quote.” – [Name Removed] [Waves] [Close our eyes and count slow,] (Falling Up) (Falling Up) [In […]

  • What were Judas Priest’s “Best Years”?

    I’m kind of in a bad way right now, and it’s exam season. Despite this, I’m going to try to keep the ball rolling. Here’s a short piece on the different eras of one of my favourite bands, Judas Priest. I think Judas Priest’s biggest time in the spotlight (definitely their biggest time for sales) […]

  • Grasp of the Undying, by Pentakill

    Grasp of the Undying, by Pentakill

    This my a review of the new Pentakill album. I’d consider it a “quick review.” Overview I might be impressed with this album if I hadn’t already been a metal head for three years. On the surface it sounds like Iron Maiden with the singer of Avantasia, all wrapped up in prog. I can understand […]