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  • The Last of the First Act

    P.S.: This was written around a month ago, and is thus no longer reality, but fiction. “My life ended And I missed it.” – dan… The cause of my affliction Can never be resolved A case for self infliction Whose sin can’t be dissolved Your body’s empty now, As I hold you—now gone I miss […]

  • Dear Diary, a playlist.

    Dear Diary, This is who I am right now. Thanks for listening, Daniel Triumph. <>

  • “Daaaan”’s Epic list of Albums

    These are my favourite albums, off the top of my head. I listen to a small list of great bands and that’s it. Obviously, this list was made for a girl. Best Crucible (Halford) [a favourite] Falling Up (Falling Up) Youthanasia (Megadeth) [thinking of you] Screaming for Vengeance (Judas Priest) Super Collider (Megadeth) [The haters […]

  • The First of Many

    After my previous “avant-garde” poetic endeavour, I figured I’d share another one. This is, of course, dedicated to the person I wrote it for. *** “I feel it only necessary to preface a work such as this with a quote.” – [Name Removed] [Waves] [Close our eyes and count slow,] (Falling Up) (Falling Up) [In […]

  • Hours


    You can tell from the first two seconds of Hours that it isn’t going to be like any other rock album. Some songs don’t even have guitars in them, but still manage to sound like rock, for example my favourite track Aeva and the Waving World which inspired a short story of mine.