Purgèd Youthful Earth

She was nocturnal, feminine;
She came only at night.
I cut my fingers off.¹

It was upon confession that the joy left us,
And instead she became the night woman.
Only at night
Loving at night,
And cooling the day.
Chilled the day, summer passed in frigid bipolarity,
My heart burned out to compensate.

And in the cool cold winter,
She opened her heart for a moment
And then never again, not for a while.
So close, her heat spilled, spiked into my heart. I almost tasted her.
And she was gone, a fickle woman,
The virgo is a virgin, always, somehow.
Even after she said, months later, oh I've found some other man.
And then a year passed.

Shame for her, her man turned to a woman,
Apparently took advantage of her sexually,
For she was sexual now, where before she had not been.
A new brand in her heat,
She tasted me this time.
He, now she, the spiteful deceiver, took her
Places she would not go,
"I feel dirty..."
I would hear those words again, though not from her.
This action and that.
She didn't like it, perhaps.
But in some ways, not all, she kept herself chaste.
The virgo is a virgin, always, somehow.

Now together again, I don't know what happened,
It was heated and slick. Hot, she stuck to me
Once, then again, twice the next day.
The body renewed, the heart reawakened,
And then once again, the night woman cooled.
But this time, my heart did not follow.
She did not take me.
Hey, how have you been?
Will you still be my friend during my depression?
Once, or twice, then never again?

She's gone again.
Gone again.
The virgo is a virgin, always, somehow.
I'm sure she'll find someone, but this time, I'm also gone.
I'll see her again, some day, I'm sure.
She was almost mine for a time,
Cold, aloof, beautiful.

Turn fate once again,
The answer was fear,
She wouldn't say yes,
Her time, it has passed.
Love her no more,
Turn fate once again,
Rotate the dial
become a new man.

[Sign: Virgo]

Last of the Last Act

Part 6 – Purgèd Youthful Earth

¹This was a strange vision or dream, one poem reads, “I’ll give you my fingers,” or something similar.

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