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  • Freezing

    She had returned, I thought, and even danced with me.But now once more she has wandered away, alone in the dark. A vast frozen lake.I wanted to leave the little ones home, but they wouldn’t have it.But the storm has been here for hours.I put them in my coat for safety.I hope you’re not out […]

  • Moments

    I have shared precious moments from so far afar;And I hope to share so much more for sure…. Shaking weavingDucking, heaving… Can I hope for love;Can I ask for you…. And yet…Rupture, repair Devotion, though less intense,Can revive and resurrectAny lost love, in some respect. So welcome home,My Kingdom below,Down here on earth,Because I have […]

  • Reflexions on Wedlock

    Do you want statistics? No, we know the state of the affair well enough. Misery. And what then? Does the heart move across the sky? I thought not. And yet… Across the land, across the nation and further into the next, I have been bound. For other nobility, marriage is a very public and procedural […]

  • Purgèd Youthful Earth

    She was nocturnal, feminine;She came only at night. I cut my fingers off.¹It was upon confession that the joy left us, And instead she became the night woman. Only at nightLoving at night,And cooling the day. Chilled the day, summer passed in frigid bipolarity, My heart burned out to compensate.And in the cool cold winter,She […]

  • Fathomable Impressions

    P.S.: This piece is, like, months old. Not sure why it was sitting in drafts for so long. Oh nevermind, these poems are really contentious lol. Written September 18, 2018. Edited today. Whew! This one’s a doozy, You have been warned. “Feel the pain of those inferior beings As you burn in hell.” — The […]

  • GrindStorm

    The darker than black Shake, giving myself A heart attack Accidentally oh and passively I Shed her, kill all that I love and Oh how remote, alone, from here I Stand not a chance oh lone. Lovely, come back The greater they are the Darker the fall my Scaffolding is just As deep as it’s […]

  • Sing me a Lovely Lovers’ Song!

    Oh love my love you are peace Oh love my love I want your peace I’ll keep you safe! I’m on my knees. You see oh lovely love o’ love my love oh can’t you see? I have to, want to build a home for you and me! You are my joy Must keep you […]

  • Tell me a story that you cherish. (v2, standalone)

    Tell me a story that you cherish. (v2, standalone)

    (v1 of this piece was in the short anthology, Passive Progressions.) This was written in September, when my life was more stable because she was not talking to me. Now, it’s a little different. Horray, for Chaos has returned to me once again! A Romantic: A person with beliefs or attitudes of mystery, excitement, and […]

  • Sing me a song; so that I may Dance!

    Sing me a siren song, draw me — to the rocks. Sing me your siren song, You know — I’ll cling fast. Sing me a pretty song, I love you, your voice. Sing me a lovely song, You know I am yours. Sing me oh sing me oh singing me love Sing me oh sing […]

  • Passive Progressions

    1 Tired Megadeth Risk track 1 Drop class Shower twice Bathe once Teeth rot Pen art. I’m dogmatic? Evidence? “Ad hominen” Irrational I see. I can play along. I’ll beat your teeth in You fucking coward. Nap four hours Jews were right. Hello love, Marry me. Naked Alone Lock the door. Just want a home. […]

  • Passive Regressions 2

    13 Come into my empty body, A rotting corpse that once was proud. Ate alive by my depression, Abandoned ’cause I am a coward. Emotion systems overloaded Neck got smashed ‘ the way back down. Possibly I’ve had too much, But never did you give too much. I lost my fingers to your hungers I […]

  • Alice and Finch – Update 2

    Happy too am I! Where are you, my love? Hello. I am Alexandre Dirge. And I dub Alice and Finch’s life to be an Archetypal Comedy, and therefore eternal. Now I digress from my memories of their love story to bring you evidence with the help of Northrop Frye. Elements of Archetypal Comedy These are […]

  • Alice and Finch – Update 1

    Alice and Finch – Update 1

    This post was written 12 hours before publication. Happy Sabbath! And Le’ah said, “happy am I!” (Genesis 30:13), so, Happy too am I. For anyone who read Alice and Finch’s first draft on this blog… The final draft is finally in planning. Outlining and constitution will be done from now into December, breaking for exams […]

  • Fathom’s Second in Three

    Daniel Triumph. Note on the phone, make me Trace the line back to your Home, where you are And my shaking hands, I’ll Choke your breath I’ll take your Heart and eat it up, bear my Fangs and rough it up, you’ll have All that you’ve ever asked of me I am the line But […]

  • Active Impressions

    Conquer Conquer, Answer the Question. __If you have a problem, you just tell me I’ve more power than you know. __Right now I’ve more power, thanks to you, More than before __Your enemies will fall to me In time so will you. __Oh, hi Mark, I mean, hi you Hiiiiiii—wait __No, we do not wait […]

  • Concrete Poetry Collection

    This is an anthology post of my recent exploration into photographic and concrete poetry. St(.)Rangers second draft. (09.06.2018) XXX by Alexandre (09.04.2018) Megadeth lyrics, red prismacolor, printer paper, on a door (copyright Megadeth, 1985) Mastering the Work Clock (08.31.2018) Millennial + Gen Z (Romantic version) (08.30.2018) Goth Ewe II (AKA my coworker friend and Gothic […]

  • Edit: I published this by accident, now you get to read it…

    And crushAnd bleedAnd threshAnd crushAnd scrapeAnd love and takeAnd crushAnd bleedAnd threshAnd loveAnd sleep whenever we speakAnd crushAnd scrapeAnd bleedAnd breakAnd talk about our beautiful weddingAnd touchAnd tasteAnd loveAnd breakAnd suckAnd tasteWe’re rough we playWe suck and tasteYou’re on your own nowThe song of yourselfI take your hand and put the ring onThe song of […]

  • Passive Regressions

    An anthology of very short poems I think would be unfair to publish on their own. Most are for…someone. 1 I’m just a lie, she’s just a fake I’m just alive, she’s just a lake I’m just alive, she’s just a lake. And my hand dissolves from Murexa In the lakes. I thought it was […]