Passive Regressions

An anthology of very short poems I think would be unfair to publish on their own. Most are for…someone.


I’m just a lie, she’s just a fake
I’m just alive, she’s just a lake
I’m just alive, she’s just a lake.

And my hand dissolves from
In the lakes.

I thought it was as it seems
But everyone is alone
I thought it was as it seems
But everyone is alone
Is everyone all alone?


Only if you want it,
More than you want your own fingertips.

I bit my fingers off,
You can have them.
No, I don’t need them;
Not without you.


Go whichever way you need to go,
Nobody can tell us how to build
Your future

Our future?

I would hope so
If you let me.

Strength and devotion
Come without warning

I’m listening.

I know you have to go,
I’ll be there for you in the night.
As your view it crumbles down,

And it will…
Have you ever broken your own heart?

Take it easy.
I will drink your pain away,
I’ll fuck you like a chimpanzee.

Maybe you won’t have to…

But that’s not a promise.

I don’t know.

Take it easy.
Let me wrap my hands all around
your neck
And take whatever you have given,
Take you away.
Now you are mine.



This mechanic soul is
is so attainable—I-
I’ve had the blackouts now
I’ve seen you for who you truly are,

Your brightened heart is mine to keep,
Thy deepened soul is mine to keep


If I could have my wasted days back
Would I use them to get back on track?
If I had never asked you
Would things have gone as well as they have?

We livin’ a lie yet?


My dream date? Sure…

At my place (I don’t have a place), on my shitty couch (no couch either), watching movies people hate (Terminator Salvation, , The Master of Disguise), lots of grunge and metal…probably all at once.

Also she must be there. יז ועיני לאה רכות

[Also Redacted]



I fell into Joseph’s pit but,
Not even Joseph fell into the pit so
Where the fuck am I?


Conservative view: We have a deal.
Liberal view: Deals are subject to whim.


If you got a question,
Yo just ask it,
Pick up the beat
While the spaghetti man’s slackin’.




Today on the seventh day,
The second day
I woke already thinking of you
I dreamed that you had sent me a note
Wishful dreaming.
My dreams are so cruel.
I loved you, however
I want you more.
You’ve taken my soul
I’m wounded
A piece of my life
I don’t care
Why does having less hurt more
I need you
Why is everything wrong between us
I miss eden
And you will ever come back
I love you.



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