She had returned, I thought, and even danced with me.
But now once more she has wandered away, alone in the dark.

A vast frozen lake.
I wanted to leave the little ones home, but they wouldn’t have it.
But the storm has been here for hours.
I put them in my coat for safety.
I hope you’re not out here, but
Those footsteps are yours.
I breathe in through dry teeth.
My hands turn read,
Ready to freeze.

Why do you come to places like this?
To be alone and to die?
“Somewhere, my flower is there.”
The little ones are cold.
You don’t let me see your dreams anymore.
I am the enemy now,
But it’s safer than this.

Cold wind blows. Too much longer,
And my fingers will numb and freeze.
One of the small ones points in the distance,
Peeking out from my coat.

I see nothing in the biting weather.
The hail feels like acid on my skin.
I walk through.

She’s caught in the ice flows, somewhere out there.

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