Fathom’s Second in Three

Daniel Triumph.

Note on the phone, make me
Trace the line back to your
Home, where you are
And my shaking hands, I’ll
Choke your breath I’ll take your
Heart and eat it up, bear my
Fangs and rough it up, you’ll have
All that you’ve ever asked
of me
I am the line
But it’s too late, lover,
You give up too late. You can play this small game, but you can
No more escape, you are subject
To you—I’m here to
Stay and you will call for me, you’ve called my
Name and now I know
Know who you are and I will
Know you like a single knows the
Second, your unfathomable
Imago Dei within the self, inside your soul
Conquer me, unfathom’ble; it’s
Fathom’s Second!

I’ll defy your words;
but take your actions to heart;
Keep coming back, you tell me when it’s right to
From the ballroom to the bedroom
And I’ve taken in your hands
(You’re stuck to me—)
And put them into my
(And you would have me.)
And no longer do you retreat,
But now you may cry,
No more away,
(Or I may die)
Away, you retreat into I.

Fathom’s Second I

Fathom’s S***** II

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