Tag: free verse

  • Treads beneath the Willow Trees

    Ankle deep she treads beneath the willow treesFeet deep into water brown with mud and wine And now she turns to me her feet still pointed straightShe calls out in a tragic voice, but tells me that she’ll wait The voice is drenched in honey and I know she will be mineMy boots thrown off, […]

  • Purgèd Youthful Earth

    She was nocturnal, feminine;She came only at night. I cut my fingers off.¹It was upon confession that the joy left us, And instead she became the night woman. Only at nightLoving at night,And cooling the day. Chilled the day, summer passed in frigid bipolarity, My heart burned out to compensate.And in the cool cold winter,She […]

  • Fathom’s Qart

    We’re nearly done, ladies and gentlemen. Just have to calm the animal spirit, and we can continue this journey. I would like to thank Dr. Nasser Hussain for encouraging me to return to this piece and fix the verse and meter. Au.3.2018 (Ma.20.2019) I’ll be a while Because I need to see the sun set […]

  • Without : Wavering

    Draft 4 It flowed from the hole in her arm. not pink this time. Red—It was serious. It was serious, but not that serious. She might die, but either way she would live. —— “funny,” she thought (and also said). “Ah, the King is awake.” There was someone else there, she heard him. Someone she […]

  • Wavering

    A numb pain flowed from her arm. It made her uncomfortable. She looked where the branch jut out from betwixt the two bones in her forearm. She was in a pit, a lush bright brown hole of moss and grass and dirt; dirt from where the roots of a tree had torn the top layers […]