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  • Freezing

    She had returned, I thought, and even danced with me.But now once more she has wandered away, alone in the dark. A vast frozen lake.I wanted to leave the little ones home, but they wouldn’t have it.But the storm has been here for hours.I put them in my coat for safety.I hope you’re not out […]

  • Purgèd Youthful Earth

    She was nocturnal, feminine;She came only at night. I cut my fingers off.¹It was upon confession that the joy left us, And instead she became the night woman. Only at nightLoving at night,And cooling the day. Chilled the day, summer passed in frigid bipolarity, My heart burned out to compensate.And in the cool cold winter,She […]

  • Chloe’s Journal (Entry 2)

    The first days of my journey. What have I done? I volunteered to take on this task, this diplomatic mission, but…what will I do? This is my first time on such a quest, and I have taken it on all alone…why… Yet—no, father sent Kent with me. He has experience in the role of a […]

  • Writ April 14

    Writ April 14, Some time after Midnight “Maybe there’s a place for me in this, Maybe there’s a life I should not miss,” I wash across these days hit one by one but all together Was said, “Even if all my bones are broken, I will drag myself back from the edge…” Thought it was […]

  • Alexandre Dirge’s Commonplaces

    Some Excerpts from Alexandre Dirge’s Commonplace book.

  • Tell me a story that you cherish. (v2, standalone)

    Tell me a story that you cherish. (v2, standalone)

    (v1 of this piece was in the short anthology, Passive Progressions.) This was written in September, when my life was more stable because she was not talking to me. Now, it’s a little different. Horray, for Chaos has returned to me once again! A Romantic: A person with beliefs or attitudes of mystery, excitement, and […]

  • Web Journal 1

    Dear ephemeris. Today, I, of my own free will, decided to give my love some room to breathe. Hopefully this will the be the last time, but I am a loving god. I feel homesick, because she was my home. But a relationship must be reciprocal. So when she takes a vow of silence, so must […]