The Changes

And everything is different now,

Everything has changed

This world, shrouded in mystery,

has been pulled wide open,

Shrouded in light.

Calm and warm, but bright,

and hazy, Illuminated,

but I can’t tell—I can’t

see clearly, and I think

it is my eyes, not the light.


No longer do I walk through the unknown; grafted to the surface, clinging to a _______

Now I move through a landscape that has long since been charted, explored.

I have been brought down, humbled, my iniquities revealed.

The path was always always long, always hard and even now, remains difficult to find, and even unformed, before me.

But now, alt least, no longer do I orbit, a free satellite loosely bound.

Now, at least, I’ve found the it, I can take in my hands the ropes, and pull myself up and touch the ground.

Daniel Triumph

From Summer 2019

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