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  • A Mess of Words on Chloe Rhye

    I’ve created a mass of characters, in a similar world building vein to Pratchett’s Discworld. But out of all of them, I think my current “favourites” are Alexandre Jutt (shadow), Yaska May Däwngale (who may be my anima) and Chloe Rhye. Chloe is essentially a genius, but also a complete ditz who stumbles over her […]

  • Alice and Finch – Update 2

    Happy too am I! Where are you, my love? Hello. I am Alexandre Dirge. And I dub Alice and Finch’s life to be an Archetypal Comedy, and therefore eternal. Now I digress from my memories of their love story to bring you evidence with the help of Northrop Frye. Elements of Archetypal Comedy These are […]

  • Alice and Finch – Update 1

    Alice and Finch – Update 1

    This post was written 12 hours before publication. Happy Sabbath! And Le’ah said, “happy am I!” (Genesis 30:13), so, Happy too am I. For anyone who read Alice and Finch’s first draft on this blog… The final draft is finally in planning. Outlining and constitution will be done from now into December, breaking for exams […]

  • Very Large Announcement

    Very large. Current Projects The Solune Prince The first (and second) draft(s) of The Solune Prince’s first novella are coming to an end. On paper, I’ve completed fourteen chapters, and the blog has up to chapter eleven primed and set for the following few Thursdays (with occasional breaks, as usual), whereas the manuscript in my […]

  • A Darker Red (Teaser 1)

    “The communist revolution can only succeed if the first authoritarian revolutionaries are again overthrown by a more individualistic, libertarian group. Anarchy will follow. Communism is chaos. And also… Good writing.” —From the journal of Hannah Alz-Aeur, 400X Daniel Triumph. Current Project

  • One Year Blog Anniversary – The Solune Prince Talk

    On this, the one year anniversary of the first post of my blog (proof), I’ll be looking into the past and the future in one fell swoop, and all on one topic. This post will contain talk on The Solune prince, followed by a re-release and edited version of the second rough draft of The […]

  • Writing Update

    Writing Update

    This is an update on what I’m currently writing for fiction. Because I am still doing that. I would say add that, despite opting out to a low-effort post here, I did actually start planning a short story (or chain of short stories). It’ll be a second draft of sorts for the incredibly odd WHAT WAS IT LIKE? […]

  • Notes and Plans 2

    Notes and Plans 2

    Thank you, yes, I’m adjusting to my second year as an English major quite well. I love it! I feel so full of energy. Let’s just say that a university is a much better creative environment than a small town and a labour job. Anyone who follows this blog knows that right now the only […]

  • Quick update 

    Quick update 

    Hey all, I’m still alive. I just moved 1200km to the south, to my university! I’ll get out a story tomorrow afternoon after classes. Right now I don’t have internet, publishing on data. I’ll probably write at the school library. See you then, thank you for your patience! Daniel Triumph. 

  • Update 2 – The First Day of Many

    Update 2 – The First Day of Many

    Hey, all! I’m here to announce a few things. As I stated in “My Life as of August,” today is my first day without work. I have eight days to move to Windsor from where I am (it’s a twelve hour drive) and get settled in before University starts. Honestly, I’m a little frightened, but […]

  • CN: Alexandre Plans

    CN: Alexandre Plans

    Alexandre Jutt was originally a minor character in Alice and Finch. She quickly became a favourite of mine, and I have a feeling it’s because she’s a more mild, contemplative, female version of myself. This is weird, as I don’t like basing characters off of real people, especially not myself. But this was all by […]

  • Notes and Plans I

    I’ve pretty much decided it all now. Once Alice and Finch enters the drafting stage, Codename: Natasha, now called Codename: Involuntary Arbitration, will start, to be released 3-5 times a week. Soon after, I’ll begin releasing the Solune Prince and combined chapters the second draft of Evidence weekly. I’ve been shying away from having any […]