Writing Update

This is an update on what I’m currently writing for fiction. Because I am still doing that.

I would say add that, despite opting out to a low-effort post here, I did actually start planning a short story (or chain of short stories). It’ll be a second draft of sorts for the incredibly odd WHAT WAS IT LIKE? THE FUTURE? A tale that anyone, even me, could tell got really weird, almost nonsensical near the end.

So far, it’s been almost entirely upheaved; even the main character is different. The things that are the same is, for now at least, the presence of the Shriken, and the fact that the main character did (in the next draft’s case learned) something that they should not have.

This second version will probably also be a little weird, but it will be intentional, as opposed to what happened in the first version. That is, I had pulled all kinds of strange theoretical musings on Yaska out of my brain, and put some them (I have a lot more) into the story just to move the plot along. The latter half of it was written in an intense rush, and thus the downsides of rushing are clear.

I’m really happy to be finally both planning and writing a second draft of something, two things I’ve been neglecting pretty much since the beginning of this blog. I’m probably going to be shifting the main character from Yaska to her friend Marisa, a character that has existed for a long time, but hasn’t often been written about. Especially not as a main character. She’s mentioned in Yaska’s Youth as a young child, and in other places in varying forms. I’ve drawn her a long time ago.

This is one from 2014, where I drew characters for a D&D campaign.


Both this and the featured image are drawings of older versions of Marisa/Mariça, and done nearly three years ago, so of course there will be differences when I write. That and I’m writing, not drawing.

Due to exams, I may not have time to write anything except for study notes until the 20th. As a result, I’ve queued up something I wrote a while back on Alexandre Jutt to be dropped around then. So, if my next post is not on Marisa (the new main character), that’s why. The one after should be though!!

I hope for the best, and I hope you like it when it’s done.

Daniel Triumph.

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