Notes and Plans I

I’ve pretty much decided it all now.

Once Alice and Finch enters the drafting stage, Codename: Natasha, now called Codename: Involuntary Arbitration, will start, to be released 3-5 times a week. Soon after, I’ll begin releasing the Solune Prince and combined chapters the second draft of Evidence weekly.

I’ve been shying away from having any sort of schedule outside of “upload something decent once a day” for a long time now, because I don’t like to force my writing. (Usually it forces me, so there’s no worry there.)

Monday – Friday is the work week. Regular serials as usual, 3-5 chapters of the primary serial and 1 chapter of either the secondary serial or a single (stand alone). Also 1 chapter of a second draft.

Saturday is the Sabbath. I don’t write but I will have something scheduled that I made in Friday, either an update or a review or some other form of low effort content.

Sunday is the first day of my week. I want to write something cool, usually a stand alone. But, I might also release a regular serial in this day too. So, see you next weekend, and hopefully all the days leading up to it.

Daniel Triumph.

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