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Thank you, yes, I’m adjusting to my second year as an English major quite well. I love it! I feel so full of energy. Let’s just say that a university is a much better creative environment than a small town and a labour job.

Hey, cool!

Anyone who follows this blog knows that right now the only ongoing project I have is the Solune Prince. I always thought that one project was the best, but studying other bloggers and indie writers, I’ve noticed that many have more than one project. Worse, one project is getting me really restless. My favourite piece, Alice and Finch, was written alongside Evidence (a novella I’m not a huge fan of).

So, I did what any responsible writer should do. I did research. I learned.

Indie writing is not like traditional writing. Some traditional writers such as Stephen King do write non-stop like us, but it seems that once you’ve got a nice backlog you can afford to live on passive income and take a few years between books.

It’s not like that for us. Indie writers, and especially those who self-publish, tend to take on many projects at once. Why? Well, you get sick of writing the same thing all the time. It’s just how humans work! So what do you do? You spice things up. Thus, I’ll be adding a few more projects to The Solune Prince. It seems that other writers and bloggers are doing anywhere from three to seven (yes, seven!) simultaneous projects. Me? I have done one to two.

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So, here are the ideas that have been swimming in my head! I don’t know in what form or when they will come about, as I like to keep things as organic as possible, but this list should give you a (very) rough idea on my outlook.

Alexandre Jutt

Alexandre Jutt Dirge’s story was hinted at with Broken Teeth, a cancelled and de-canonized first draft. Don’t read it, it’s awful. And don’t ask why I linked it. Ah!

Anyway, Alexandre Jutt was sold into slavery around her twentieth or twenty-first birthday. She was recently bought by a music producer to be a secret mistress during his visits to the Solune Kingdom. Things get interesting when Jutt starts “cheating” (is it cheating if you’re a slave? I have no f@#&ing clue) on the producer with one of his artists. Then things get even worse when the producer’s wife finds out about the whole mess. Oh, and Jutt’s mother, Hail, is still entirely insane, so she comes in to burn the place down. It’s going to be… really exciting when I actually end up writing this one.


“The band”

Hannah Alz-Aeur

Hannah’s story is become more and more developed in my mind. I’m on the verge of starting this one.

A Short Introduction to the The Chronicles of Hannah Alz-Aeur

Seventh Prince University

Let’s face it, humans love structure, and naturally tend towards hierarchies and the school settings have both.

But, high school is very limiting. You have to almost shrink your brain to enjoy something set in high school, as most Harry Potter fans have been quick to inform me (Why??). Collage? There’s all sorts of things you can do with this untapped setting. Want to write about older characters? Bam! We’ve got mature students. Need a genius? No problem, doctorate and masters degrees are sold here! Want to write about sex without feeling like a paedophile? The average collage student is twenty-five years old! (23.7 in Canada 😉 )

So, here’s an idea I had a while back. What if I took all my young adults and stuck them in college? I could have a lot of fun and it would make for a great episodic series of short stories. Expect this project in the future!


  • Alexandre “Jutt” Dirge
  • Finch Dirge Zeth
  • Wallace Solaris Ceramar
  • Lunesca Solaris September
  • Prince Ten, of the Metch Kingdom
  • Janna Rhye
  • Drake (Aeisticht) Rhye
  • (and more!)

Honestly I’m really excited about this one, it looks like it’d be a nice fun aside for if I get bogged down with my more longform material.

The Solune Prince…

…will hopefully remain my primary project. I want to release at least two chapters a week, so expect that.

Chloe scrap full - Copy - Copy

Get ready.

Daniel Triumph.

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