Update 2 – The First Day of Many

Hey, all! I’m here to announce a few things.

As I stated in “My Life as of August,” today is my first day without work. I have eight days to move to Windsor from where I am (it’s a twelve hour drive) and get settled in before University starts. Honestly, I’m a little frightened, but despite that I’ve already got some blog changes incoming to mirror my life changes.

Schedule Shift

Right now my schedule is as follows:

Saturday – Off Beat
Sunday – Hybrid
Weekdays – Stories

I’m now cutting Sunday and Wednesday from the schedule. That means that my new schedule will look like this


That is, no more Sunday or Wednesday releases. It seems that Tuesday is consistently my best performing day, and Saturday is a day for more unique posts. So, here’s the new schedule:

Saturday – Off Beat
Sunday – Usually nothing, unless I go on a spree or have an urgent update.
Monday – Serial or Short Story.
Tuesday – Hopefully a longer, or higher quality piece. Otherwise, expect a story as usual.
Wednesday – Usually nothing.
Thursday – (See Monday.)
Friday – (See Monday.)

The two extra days will be for editing scheduled posts, and for finishing my Current Project.

My Current Project

I desperately need to finish Alice and Finch. I did that thing where you set it aside for a few months to let it simmer. Supposedly this makes it fresh when you go to edit it, so that you catch more mitsakes=,

I sent it out to five beta readers, and NONE of them replied to me or gave feedback.

So, I’m going in blind. And that’s fine with me, I don’t need anyone’s help! (I just would really like it…)

So, full steam ahead for Alice and Finch! I want to publish and have it ready for readers in November. Get ready to buy it 😛

The Other Stuff

The next book on the writing list is Alexa Jutt. I want it out by December. I’m not waiting on betas this time, I’m going to edit when I feel I’m ready.

Absolute Magazine is no longer coming out in October, but instead whenever I get all the pages filled.

Tales of Symphonia is finally getting some more content. It will either be in podcast form or as a stream, maybe both!

My Harry Potter Overview will eventually come out, but low priority.

Next update will be around September 6th or 7th! Bye!

Daniel Triumph.


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