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  • The Solune Prince: [Workshop II]

    Let us look into the future for a moment, as we did here. He shook her awake frantically. It didn’t matter. He had to know that she hadn’t died or worse. She had died, but she wasn’t dead any more. The romance in her heart wanted to believe that he had brought her to life, […]

  • History: The Legendary Event

    Solune History: The Legendary Event Accounts of Individuals: Chloe Rhye Fifth Prince of the Solune The Legendary Event was similar to a war, but it is technically to be seen as an invasion. An invasion of giants. They had come over the north wall and directly into Hannibal. They had come because they found the […]

  • “Revivafy” or something. And Time Travel. x2.

    If you’re here, you should probably go read the latest chapter of my novella instead…or start at the beginning? Either way >:3 it’s far better than this piece! ? Recognize anyone? 1 “You would give her up for me?” 2 “Time travel is a very simple thing. Safely shifting timelines however, is not. In fact […]

  • Alexandre Jutt’s Journal – Epinephrine

    2nd draft of “Alexandre Jutt’s Journal“ Alexandre Jutt Eighth month, 3rd day. Epinephrine is the fight or flight hormone. Humans, when subjected to chronic loneliness, begin to release epinephrine and the hormone, left unchecked, will erode the body from the inside. It prevents the body from regeneration and inhibits the immune system. Is it your […]

  • Grey Area

    You stand on a cliff’s edge. You don’t understand your surroundings.

  • The Hero and the Star

    “My father told me it was long ago, I always assumed two or three thousand years. A star fell from the sky. It was unlike a dead shooting star. It was alive. It landed on the planet. The ancient people encountered it, and came to fear it.

  • The Snake (My Submission, Part 1 of 2)

    Hello, all. I’m trying to get into a creative writing course (finally!) at my university. I had to write a couple exercise pieces, so that’s what I’ll be sharing with you this weekend. Hopefully, after this chaotic week, I’ll be back on track. For now, here is a short prose piece. A snake, slithering through […]

  • Jin’s Past (as of September 2015)

    This is a very old piece of work, released for novelty more than anything. You can see how much I’ve improved in the last two years. Jin was born in the woods north of the North Metch Lands (now known as the N’tariel Lands), on the shoreline of the Danizen River. She was delivered into […]

  • Musings (on the Riley)

    The Riley are easily identified by their jet black hair, dark skin around the eyes, and pale skin. If you looked at any map of the Solune kingdom, the Riley town of FACE is labeled as “somewhere in this forest.” Only its residents and the Solune Agents know the town’s true location, for anyone else […]

  • A Short Introduction to the The Life of Hannah Alz-Aeur

    A Short Introduction to the The Life of Hannah Alz-Aeur

    She was about to explain all this, how she had started as a Harlot and learned of body composition. How she joined the church and met her priest, and became one herself. How she later became recruited into the guard and became Leftenant-Commander, and how she uncovered a deep secret that forced her to become the stand-in Emperor.

  • Update: Thoughts on Flash Fiction

    I’ve been becoming more and more interested in flash fiction. It seems all my stories always go above the 500 or so words, and so they’re mostly all just short stories, or snippets that I string together. So, that’s the plan. Either Tuesday or Wednesday this week, I’ll write a flash fiction. See you then. […]

  • Of Value. (From the Journal of the Solune King)

    Of Value. (From the Journal of the Solune King)

    Second day and Fifth month of the 3998th year of the Solune standard calendar. As King and founder of this kingdom, I have done my part and earned the respect of my people. They revere me as leader, and are not so much unquestioning as they are disinterested in the way I rule. My children […]

  • Astore Lungeblade

    Grey Ooze part 1 link “Oh, so I’m being tested too? Shouldn’t I get an exemption though, since I’m already a Solune Agent?” Astore asked Janna. “Yeah, well, you’d think that, eh. But it turns out dad, er, the King wants to test you in a group combat environment. You’ve been working primarily as a […]

  • Grey Ooze

    Grey Ooze

    This is the second entry in the Dawngale RP Series. Foreword: Okay, cool, first time doing a foreword. So, this one will be a bit of a mess, but it’ll also be pretty awesome, and all the major loose ends get tied up too. So, for background, my first Dungeons and Dragons campaign was Edition […]

  • Surface Work

    Surface Work (May 2015) Until now I had never been on the surface. I have lived over a century, nearly half of my lifespan, underground in the mines digging for our beloved gold and iron. With half my life still ahead of me, I had decided to finally act on my wish to see the […]

  • Yaska’s Youth

    Yaska’s Youth

    I idolized my older sister. I would follow her everywhere. During a hunt, I would follow her, keeping quiet. She would talk when no prey was around. She spoke of the mountains north, the Solune kingdom east, and sometimes of a kingdom lost in the desert storm to the west. I took only minor interest. […]