History: The Legendary Event

Solune History:
The Legendary Event

Accounts of Individuals:
Chloe Rhye
Fifth Prince of the Solune

The Legendary Event was similar to a war, but it is technically to be seen as an invasion. An invasion of giants. They had come over the north wall and directly into Hannibal. They had come because they found the taste of the Solune to be pleasing to the highest degree. This event shocked the nation.


It shocked the nation because we had been expecting them, but we had been expecting something else. We were promised a grand deliverance. But ancient pacts had been fabrication all along, and promises had been perverted.

I had joined the battle back then, mostly to provide moral support to Janna, my sister. I was a year younger when it happened, but far less mature. Nothing worked out like we expected. Five of us, a small outer patrol, got pulled into the centre of the disintegrating city.

History records them as giants, but they were not. They were winged men who fought in white robes. They were the angels, but they were only a head taller than the Solune. But they had blank-looking eyes, and the disgusting teeth of carnivores. They had the strength of four men, but that the Creator we had four men for each one of them.

We kept up with the enemy for a while, staying alive and using the capabilities we had been accepted into the armies for possessing, but then one of them took Janna. She was grappled—she had seen allies fall like this; pulled into the enemy backline, ripped to the ground, and devoured alive—and so I moved. I sprinted past their frontline as she was pulled in, ripping my sword through an angelic ribcage and abandoning it in my pursuit. I was so far from her, but I still extended my fingers. I made my way past my confused enemies and leapt backwards over the ruined landscape and I screamed, with my eyes trained on my sisters determined captor.

And the feelings of my forefathers came over me. I heard the voices of the past. And when the fluids of my eyes began to drain down my face and mix with my tears, it felt so natural. They whispered from the days of my learning

…Through the faithfulness of the Adonai, he will not be shaken. Your hand is equal to all Your enemies; Your right hand overpowers Your foes. You set them ablaze like a furnace when You show Your presence. Hashem in anger destroys them; fire consumes them. You wipe their offspring from the earth, their issue from among men. For they schemed against You; they laid plans, but could not succeed. For You make them turn back by your swords aimed at their face. Be exalted, oh Hashem, through Your strength; we will sing and chant the praises of Your mighty deeds.

The Prince annihilated every single one of the giants from the face of her kingdom.

Chloe, it seemed, had a natural talent. Typically, the rays of plasma come only from the eyes, but diving into enemy army had resulted in many wounds and abrasions. Chloe had unintentionally emitted from all of her open wounds.

The laszors chain-reacted with the minerals in the ground and magnified, as if through fission, erupting from the ground across the entire battlefield, firing skyward like house-sized jets of pale yellow light.

It discriminated by race, leaving Chloe’s people untouched, and inundating the giants in a fury of chemical-like burns until there was nothing left but white bones. But Chloe, out of fear it is said, never developed her laszor eyes afterward, and in fact, it is rumored she never used the ability again.

This is to be considered canon to the history of Dawngale.
It is Digression 4 in The Solune Prince

Alice and Finch takes place a few years before this,
The Solune Prince takes place a little after.

Nearly all of this comes from Chapter 28, which is to be released some time in October 2019, perhaps earlier.

Daniel Triumph.

P.S. I might start posting on Sundays. We’ll see.

The art, by the way, dates back to the turn of 2013/2014. This story has been floating in my head for a long time, which might explain why it’s a little more fantastic; it came about when I was in high school.

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