Category: The Epic of Dawngale (Fragments and Prep Work)

  • History: The Legendary Event

    Solune History: The Legendary Event Accounts of Individuals: Chloe Rhye Fifth Prince of the Solune The Legendary Event was similar to a war, but it is technically to be seen as an invasion. An invasion of giants. They had come over the north wall and directly into Hannibal. They had come because they found the […]

  • Without : Wavering, B Sides. (Epistles)

    These are the “B Sides” for Without : Wavering. Upon achieving an artificial enlightenment in the novel John Dies at the End, David Wong stats that, “The walls of the maze turned to glass.” In my experience, this is similar to the experience of achieving wisdom. Wisdom is like height, in a sense—it allows you […]