Musings (on the Riley)

The Riley are easily identified by their jet black hair, dark skin around the eyes, and pale skin.

If you looked at any map of the Solune kingdom, the Riley town of FACE is labeled as “somewhere in this forest.” Only its residents and the Solune Agents know the town’s true location, for anyone else it remains hidden like a Riley in the night. Setzer jogged down the forest trail leading to his home town. Eventually it opened up and FACE stood before him. He waved to the town guards, Carl and Miles, as he stepped in.

The people of FACE held all sorts of regular jobs, from the two guards at the front, to the people who hunted in the northern woods near the mountains, to the innkeeper, Kasuga and her husband who was a woodcutter. Other residents held less honest ones as burglars, thieves, cutpurses and scammers. People who led such lives were allowed into FACE, but it depended heavily on what they stole. Encouraging the authorities to find the exact location of FACE is considered a high crime. There were strict rules put in place to keep the town a “low threat” in the Solune Kings eyes. This is the primary reason why Miles guarded the area. She would search the entrants to ensure that nothing that would make them a “high threat” or put the town “in need of investigation.”

Setzer walked past Miles without getting stopped. He actually worked for the king as a scout and investigator, as a Solune Agent, and therefore did not need a search. In fact he could end up being the one to look into the town if it was thought something expensive or important had been smuggled in.

—The Riley Town of FACE


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