Jin’s Past (as of September 2015)

This is a very old piece of work, released for novelty more than anything. You can see how much I’ve improved in the last two years.

Jin was born in the woods north of the North Metch Lands (now known as the N’tariel Lands), on the shoreline of the Danizen River. She was delivered into the dying arms of her father. The next seven years, her mother Janice taught her how to live and hunt in the ancient and sensory ways of the Elken. Jin’s diluted blood made Death-channeling very difficult for her, so Janice gave up trying to teach it. Controlling adrenaline,  however, was something that Jin was terrific at.

The N’tariel’s inclination towards adrenaline allows their rushes to surpasses the Metch’s in length, lasting up to seventy seconds instead of six or seven. This means that an N’tariel can control their adrenaline for an entire fight. The Elken adrenaline rush, however, lasts over fourteen hours. It was due to this early explorers and diplomats (those that survived the Jungle, and the Elken) thought that Elken hair was naturally white. At the age of six Jin’s adrenaline rush lasted almost 2 hours, but would cause heavy fatigue if used for more than 12 minutes.

Jin fixed by tehufn-d6z1kef (bad edit)
The first drawing made of Jin. (2013)

During Jin’s seventh year, Janice, her mother, was arrested for childbearing with with a non-Elken. Jin spent the next year of her life in silence, not speaking, just hunting and living in her seemingly archaic fashion.

Sometime during her ninth year, Jin heard the voices of the Nixies during a hunt. She followed the sound down the Danizen River to a lake that she had never seen before: Danizen Loch. The Nixies that had formed on the lake’s surface dissipated into the water, avoiding her.

Jin spent the next year with her ears tuned, waiting to hear the voices again. After fourteen months, she heard the soft whispers once more, and followed them to the lake. The Nixies escaped once more, but one looked at her before it left. This transparent blue creature stared at Jin, and sought answers from her face before escaping.

Jin Blade Lord - Copy
Jin using adrenaline.

Jin wasn’t sure if it was because of that look or because they realized that Jin’s presence in the wood was inevitable, but slowly the Nixies returned to their regular frequency of materialization. Jin would listen to their conversations out of sight, wishing she could understand their words. Eventually she gave up, what could she learn without guidance?

. . .

Jin started exploring other parts of the wood. At the age of eleven, her body was developing faster, and she felt stronger and more capable then before. If there was a whole lake she hadn’t known about, what else was she missing? The northern woods were dark and dank, and she heard disturbing noises to the east. Jin decided to explore the south. After a day of walking in dense but bright forest, Jin saw a clearing. It was getting dark, but she headed toward it with the hope of finding something—or someone.

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