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  • The Lussa Confederation

    Cerulllus, by the grace of THE NAME Ruler of ALL LANDS: We the Priest Poets address you; King of the Lussa People, Progeny of the Sollussa Nation; in council relating the succession of thrones and the citizenship of slaves. BEGINNING Due to the horrific, unstable, and enstrifed histories of our people; especially of yours, who […]

  • Categorization: An Unsound Guide to Characters [Part 1!]

    High Achieving Women Openness: 99th Percentile Chloe Rhye, GE Age 14-26 (Adjusted. True age: 830-990) Female, Solune, Incel/Married/Widowed. Apprentice Healer > Autodidactic Study > Liberal Arts BA > History BA > Mentor > Secondary Teacher > Military > Lawyer/Poet > Expedition Leader > Elsara > ? (Born year 3171 by the old calendar, around 16/800 […]

  • Jin’s Past (as of September 2015)

    This is a very old piece of work, released for novelty more than anything. You can see how much I’ve improved in the last two years. Jin was born in the woods north of the North Metch Lands (now known as the N’tariel Lands), on the shoreline of the Danizen River. She was delivered into […]