The Lussa Confederation

Cerulllus, by the grace of THE NAME Ruler of ALL LANDS: We the Priest Poets address you; King of the Lussa People, Progeny of the Sollussa Nation; in council relating the succession of thrones and the citizenship of slaves.


Due to the horrific, unstable, and enstrifed histories of our people; especially of yours, who have known the land and its surroundings for far longer; and in the illumination of recent events;

We, as councils of the Crown, as clerical spiritual assertive guides, and on behalf of the knighthood in their entirety, along with the other estates of the single indivisible Lussa City State:

Including the Grand Duchy of the East (who did so defend against the ancient threat that split our nation twainwise), and the Workers Guilds (who did so usurp the Workers Party for anti-political reason, as it is known), the Lawyers and Poets (who do craft the law, and write cases of incidents regarding the law, and do also advocate as court rhetoricians before the Judges), the Judges (who serve Justice), the Merchants and Traders, the Polits Officers, the Defense, the Voices of the Commons (who do so advocate for common People in Parliament), and the Lords (who do so fight against the Voices of all People in Senate, on behalf of themselves);

Do hereby announce ad perpetuam rei memoriam [perpetual memorial of the matter]:

In addition to all Those Previously Mentioned; Roiiiious (son of Saullite), successor to the throne of Cerulllas; is acknowledged as one of the writers & signers of the CONFEDERATION document.

During this insecure time, living without an heir to our Throne, we; commanded by, and on behalf of, all Those Previously Mentioned; have diligently sought at convention of Senate and Parliament, by example of our progenitors, that we for They, pursue the perseverance of the Lussa State’s peace, justice, order, commerce, defence, and spiritual connection: Therefore by strong, unanimous accord, and by the sacred vow unique to we the Priestly Poets on behalf of Those Previously Mentioned and the Lussa City State Kingdom, we all hereby make this pledge and do commit ourselves upon our faith, decency, and conscience.


Firstly to make in nowise to allow for any other Ruler but by this clear and categorical agreement: that he shall vow to us to uphold all the rights, privileges, and liberties which are, and which we shall subject to him after election. A Monarch must vow to preserve the general peace between people riven and differing in faith and worship, and never to draw us beyond the City’s borders; neither by custom, law, royal request, nor mass levy without a resolution of the Parliament (without undue influence from the Senate).

Parliamentary laws are subject to possible veto from the Crown.


Therefore the Commons, the Polits, and the Defense do vow to rise against every person or collection of people who would choose and convene to cause tumult at an election or dare to oppose the election as some have in the past. And since there is in our City State considerable dissidence between the two sects of the Salvatior religion, (Proper, and Gnostic) to prevent any detrimental religious rebellion, as we have clearly seen in other realms (namely the Djeb), we do promise to ourselves that we who be dissidents de religion [religious dissenters] (who are the Gnostic sect of the Salvatiors, as well as we the Priestly Poets and those who walk in and after our footsteps, followers of Old) shall preserve the peace between ourselves and shed no blood out of differing faith and practices in places of prayer and religious learning, nor in places of holy law and judgement; nor shall there be any ploy, business denial, denial of honour, or exclusion; be it under the pretext of a decree, or by way of judicial ploy.

The Salvatior (Proper) will be recognized as the State’s official religion. The heretical (here labelled as “Gnostic”) sect will be subject to certain benevolent restrictions, to be outlined by the Senate and the Crown in other law texts.


Law Three (III) is removed from the Confederation. Justification to be provided in the future.


As it is agreed by nearly all that all those within our groups that all Lussa, Sollussa, Metch, and Djeb (that is to say, all people); have souls, it can be reasoned that we are all identical in personhood (though not necessarily in ability or station), and that therefore slaves, also called peasants, should be considered as free men and as citizens and therefore will have representation by the Voice of the Commons in the Parliament.

Even though this law on its own has sparked civil war, the Monarch is confident as a Holy Salvatior that it will stand in the long term and be a sign of our Kingdom’s superior morality. Let this declaration be recorded here for historical reasons.


We will instantiate a full democracy, to ameliorate the impending problem of the death of an heirless King, and allow all those who are free and citizens to decide who from among qualified citizens who they wish to rule. And we promise that; in voting we shall not prevent a person’s action by coercion or violence.


Law Five (V) only applies to the first vote. Law Five (V) implicitly suggests, using the words “among qualified citizens,” someone who is blood related to the Monarch, if only distantly. After the first vote, the citizens’ choices are limited to the children of the current Ruler. In the name of the Lussa City State, let it be that all Monarchs be encouraged to have many children in order to facilitate the justice of Law Five (V).


Let it be that, on threat of Senate and Parliament ceasing the government, the monarch must follow all rules and regulations imposed upon other Citizens and Lords.

As written, with exceptions laid out in the attached signed document.


All of these things we promise to one another, and upon signature The King does promise to us, to be enduringly preserved and maintained under our faith, spirit, and honour. And he who would wish to oppose this, to disturb the common peace and order, we shall as a people rise together against and destroy such a person.


And for greater assurance of all these things herein illustrated, we and all Those Previously Mentioned, have provided our signatures and seals with and in our own hands.

This is actually a fictional legal document from far back in Lussa history. Likely not the final version I’d need if I were to reference this in  The Solune Prince, but it was a bit of fun nonetheless.

This is document (actually based on a translation of The Warsaw Confederation of 1573) whose tedium is mostly broken up by the new Amendations, which undermine the piece. If you got through it, congratulations and thanks! If you enjoyed it or found it humorous, even moreso!

Daniel Triumph.

P.S. you may  see this placed in the “non-canonical” section.  This is mostly  only because I would need to do a bit of reworking and lore-building to get this to be a proper, functional document for the Lussa on Däwngale.

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  1. […] (You can read it here, though I will have to revise it. In that document, the successor and the person who changed the document are the same person, and here I’ve clearly said they are not. The change is important because, I don’t think that the first person “elected” after this document came into play was particularly malicious. The Lussa still use this system, and it’s been doing okay for them. The linked version document, being a few months old, doesn’t take into account any of the newer ideas I’ve put into this set of musings.) […]

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