Of Value. (From the Journal of the Solune King)

Second day and Fifth month of the 3998th year of the Solune standard calendar.

As King and founder of this kingdom, I have done my part and earned the respect of my people. They revere me as leader, and are not so much unquestioning as they are disinterested in the way I rule. My children are now coming into adulthood, and I worry for how they might be seen in the eyes of the citizen. I feel that they may not gain the same respect if they do not contribute to, or at least participate in society.
The citizens will give them respect that is deserved, and while their status as royalty may help their reputation for now, in the long run it may be seen as a crutch as opposed to a boon.

Unless they wish to live outside, my children should contribute to the kingdom as I have. My eldest have left, and so I will not speak on them in this note. Their fate is their own.

For the rest of my children I will speak now, starting with the eldest and working down to the youngest.

My twins are Kain and Natasha. Kain has headed to the south to learn what has happened those who separated from us during the kingdom’s settlement many centuries ago. He visits on occasion, leaving behind various notes and writings, and then is soon gone again. I thought once that he might prefer it down south, but now I have come to understand that he has come into the fancy of a lady.

Natasha was long interested in the internal peace keeping; the structured of guarding and law enforcing in our kingdom. She once commanded the Murdock palace guard, and will soon take on one of my wife’s many tasks around the kingdom; overseeing all five guards. The watchmen are divided thusly: the largest divisions patrol the four cities, and the last guard oversees the castle and the kingdom halls. The inside of the castle can be just as busy as the outside, as a large portion of it treated as community space for the city Murdock.

Natasha was running the castle division with some assistance for a very long time, and she is currently the Captain of the Murdock city guard. The citizenry have come to realize what I already know about her. Behind her neutral expression, the blank stares and seemingly uncaring demeanour, there is an active and considerate mind. Natasha is a strong problem solver, a logical and practical thinker. The task of a guard often includes solving civil issues and city wide routing coordination. These things come naturally to her, and she has begun to implicate long term changes that have increased the effectiveness of the guard as a whole. In a few years she will be ready to oversee the leaders of all five guards, and likely bring gainful change to the entire kingdom and its safety. Natasha will, however, be required to apprentice someone to take on her role as Captain. Now that the prodigal Vice-Captain has quit, we are actively searching for someone.

Then there is Janna. She has the ability to think on a large scale without neglecting individual issues. Her head is in the clouds, but her feet are on the dirt.  Her largest issue is how brash she can be. While Janna can have a positive effect on people, she sometimes gets ahead of them and comes off as rude. She interrupts. These are immaturies that I hope she realizes exist and grows out of. In the future she could be an impactful political leader should a she choose it. Right now it seems Janna is more inclined to live her youth out in an environment that offers more freedom and less expectation than politics. I do not often speak on this, but I believe I will choose her as my heir, she may succeed me in possibly ten short years.

Chloe is my youngest, and has a lot of potential. I know not what she will do in the future, but I believe she could be effective in any field she puts her mind to. She has been very interested in the small library of books that Gwenhime and I have collected, especially those regarding history. Her head seems full of air right now, but she is young. She can afford to be so starry eyed at the moment, and so I think I will give Chloe some time to discover all that interests her, and when she is older I can assist her in narrowing her scope and developing hers skills. She now seems inclined to study the work of the poets and law keepers, I know not if she will remain in this vocation. It is providing her unease.

As it stands I am as happy as such a lenient father can be.

Outside the city I am interested in what findings or relations my youngest son will come up with down south. I wish him, as well as my eldest, safety in their travels. The capitol Murdock is grateful for the work that Natasha does, and I am in hoping that my youngest two will become just as valued as she in time.

– The Solune King, “Mars” Resz

This is an updated version (+150~ words) of a post from my secondary blog. I figure since a lot of my writing is beginning to involve the Solune royalty, this information might be helpful to returning or potentially recurring readers.

The Solune King still has no known name, but he is nicknamed Mars. For those interested in the cover picture, you can see the full piece here. It’s one I’m proud of.

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