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  • Correspondences Across Personality Systems

    This took a while and honestly I was expecting it to be a little more difficult than it was. In order to line each system up with the number five, all I did was include introversion and extroversion as independent factors for mbti, remove The Luminaries which are a little too broad anyway, and Big […]

  • I Enjoyed “Sell or Be Sold” Far More than I was Expecting (Nonfiction Review)

    This is Grant Cardone’s big book on selling. You might know Cardone as the 10x guy, or for his real estate business. Some people love him, some people hate him. But I’m not reviewing Cardone, I’m reviewing the information in his book, and how it’s delivered. Frankly, Cardone seems like a decent guy with his […]

  • 100 Quote Ideas in 100 Days (Part 1)

    R. Yitzchak also said: If one says to you, I have toiled and not found, do not believe him. If he says, I have not toiled but still have found, do not believe him. If he says, I have toiled and found, believe him. (Megillah 64b) All physicals wars between rulers are small compared to […]

  • Dr. Tarnas’s Intellectual Bag of Stars

    2006, Richard Tarnas, PhD and professor of philosophy and psychology, releases a work that would have necessarily changed his career… This is to be a short article on my personal response to what I’ve read so far of Tarnas’s magnitudinous book, Cosmos and Psyche. And for those of you who are already familiar with it, […]

  • Chabrais son of Lakritos, and the Burial of his Parent

    This is something I wrote for a course on Aspects of Greek Death. I’m not sure how interesting it will be for those who haven’t studied Greek funerary ritual, however, it got fairly good marks, so you never know. I’ve used brackets to clarify certain terms. We’ll have some better work after exams finish. For […]

  • A Blog Post

    I’m very happy that I managed to get the next chapter of The Solune Prince out on schedule. It was a stuggle, my internet is being finicky, and so is my brain. Thus, the chapter is a little short, but it is out! It exists! Ah! You can read it here!

  • Dear Diary, a playlist.

    Dear Diary, This is who I am right now. Thanks for listening, Daniel Triumph. <>

  • Very Large Announcement

    Very large. Current Projects The Solune Prince The first (and second) draft(s) of The Solune Prince’s first novella are coming to an end. On paper, I’ve completed fourteen chapters, and the blog has up to chapter eleven primed and set for the following few Thursdays (with occasional breaks, as usual), whereas the manuscript in my […]

  • “Daaaan”’s Epic list of Albums

    These are my favourite albums, off the top of my head. I listen to a small list of great bands and that’s it. Obviously, this list was made for a girl. Best Crucible (Halford) [a favourite] Falling Up (Falling Up) Youthanasia (Megadeth) [thinking of you] Screaming for Vengeance (Judas Priest) Super Collider (Megadeth) [The haters […]

  • Fathom’s S***** II

    Fathom’s S***** II

    My love was a wildfire It burned us both. Before that a flame, Invaded your hearth.

  • How in the World do I Write Every Day? 

    How in the World do I Write Every Day? 

    And not just that. I’ve finally started editing and polishing my chapters before releasing them. I’m proud of my achievements, but you have to keep in mind that they are just that, achievements. It didn’t happen overnight or by accident. In fact, on my awful previous blog, I had been going daily or weekly or […]

  • My Life as of August

    This has been a difficult year, possible the most difficult year of my life. I Wanted to go back but Couldn’t So September was a bit of a hell. See, I was supposed to be going back to University, but manic people don’t save money and so I literally could not go back even though […]

  • Energy Drinks.

    Energy Drinks.

    I’ll start this introduction off by saying that no one should really be drinking energy drinks. Now, I’ll end it by saying that I’m still a foolish young adult and so I drink energy drinks despite knowing that. Why? Well, I’ll tell you why specifically at the end, but for now, here’s a rundown of […]

  • Doubles Poem

    The dark of the night, The crimson eyes, The flame of the light, The previous ties.   I’m clenching my teeth, My dubious sight, I cannot believe What’s seen in my eyes “Have not you been killed?”   Incredulous eyes. “You cannot believe, What’s happened to me” She suddenly said, Recounting her fee, “I have […]