Doubles Poem

The dark of the night,

The crimson eyes,

The flame of the light,

The previous ties.


I’m clenching my teeth,

My dubious sight,

I cannot believe

What’s seen in my eyes

“Have not you been killed?”


Incredulous eyes.

“You cannot believe,

What’s happened to me”

She suddenly said,

Recounting her fee,

“I have been killed,

It wasn’t quite me,

The body left here,

Cast out to the sea.”


I thought what she said,

Knew not what she mean,

The words I was fed,

Were not quite believed.


“The doubles,” She said,

“Created by Death,

That’s what I am now.

Released my first breath,

The day that she died,

Original me.

I killed at my side.”


“Is that who you are?”

I finally said.

“A copy, right now,

Of my old friend?”


She nodded and then,

A touch of a frown,

She said back to me,

“I’m now feeling down.

I’ve all of her mind,

All her memories.

I’m not the same girl

She happened to be,

I have different thoughts,

Right here within me.


I looked at her now,

Much differently,

I thought what she said,

Made no sense to me.

Considering this,

I lowered my sword,

I put it away,

I left her my word.

“You prove it to me,

If I’m to believe,

And later we’ll think,

On what you have said.”

11:35pm! I cut it close, but I made it! I am not a poet, and I don’t particularly like poety, but sometimes it comes to me, so I jot it down and it’s not that great, but here we go.

Run on sentence,

Daniel Triumph.

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