I Enjoyed “Sell or Be Sold” Far More than I was Expecting (Nonfiction Review)

This is Grant Cardone’s big book on selling. You might know Cardone as the 10x guy, or for his real estate business. Some people love him, some people hate him. But I’m not reviewing Cardone, I’m reviewing the information in his book, and how it’s delivered. Frankly, Cardone seems like a decent guy with his own personal issues just like the rest of us. Sell or Be Sold, on the other hand, is very engaging, and there’s a lot of good selling advice throughout.

I’ll be going over the audio version specifically. Cardone as narrator was a joy to listen to, since his enthusiasm shows through the entire book. He comes across as a positive, kind, and genuine person, going off the book alone.

There is good advice in pretty much every chapter. Cardone gets deep into the things that really matter.

Staying positive. Being completely committed to what you’re selling, and to life in general. (It seems that, unlike some rich folks, he’s only ever married once and they’re still together, so this advice means something coming from him.) Believing in, and using the product yourself so that you can be genuine when you sell it.

Couple of things to be aware of. Cardone pitches his online service, but it’s only once, and honestly, I’m not docking any ratings for that. Lots of nonfiction books these days will mention their website or products over and over and over. Cardone does not do this, and I frankly respect the single part of a chapter where he pitched it, and that he then he moved right along. Being a true salesman in my opinion. Also, a reader should note that Cardone also briefly pitches a sort of gateway book into his religion. I’ve heard the book in question has some interesting psychology and philosophy, but be aware of what it is if you’re going to read it…

Neither of these things really harmed the experience. The reason I give Sell or be Sold four stars instead of five is actually because it’s a little bit disorganized. Each chapter could stand on its own, which might actually be good for you if you treat this book like a magazine, newspaper, or set of online articles. For me, I wouldn’t have minded a bit more of a systematic approach.

Cardone states you’ll get a lot more out of the book if your reread it, and I can definitely see that as being true. I just might end up doing so. 4/5.

Pick it up if you’re trying to sell, especially in a face to face setting. I picked it up so I could learn a thing or two about book marketing, and I definitely got some great value at the very least on the mindset level. A lot of wealthy people see negativity as a waste of time and intuitively that just makes sense for all of us.

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