Forgotten Until Further Notice.



I’ll be a while
Because I need to see the sun set
What will we do?
Who am I to ask such a question?
Will we stay two
And you know how I feel about you
You don’t know all the things I could do
I could save me from the twilight…

Thought you were gone
We don’t know how you feel on it too, do you…
And I guess I was right for a moment
And I guess that I should’ve known better than to think
Think that I could ever known a moment
What your beautiful soul Innocence that’s within
Our modesty, temperance rarely infringed, and

What do I do
Because I really’d hoped to have known you
And through all of my hands now it passed through
I just wish that I’d had my good judgement
Because I think about you oftentimes
And I’ll have to find my own way now
And I wonder if where I would find you
And I wonder

If you would love me if I did
Because you don’t always make it when I do
What does it mean
That all my hands

—They have changed since I met you

And now my mind’s turned around I can tell you
And it has been for the best I can prove you

From the trauma, rethinking; the pressure, and
How do I know
Do I know which is good which is poor and
And I want to ask —but
Deals subject to whim And it comes back to us.
You know I think it’s obvious that
That we are both have a hand in this place
And I said to myself oh how futile
Because you know we both know— we both know—

And did I say I would wait?
And did you hear when I called out your name?
“And now what have I done”
I would think on it over and over
Because I really had thought it was over
And then you touched once again,
You know it isn’t too late to saw we were wrong
And we know I’ll make sure don’t regret it
Don’t regret anything that we’ve done
I’ll make sure that I wait for a moment,
Just don’t wait too long because you know it
Know that if it’s maintained then it stays—
And I really don’t know how you see it
But I’d rather we find our own eden
And that maybe some day I would notice

If you walked beneath the treetops

And if I saw that you were walking there
And if were all alone and even if you were not,
I would call out your name.

Shed Tides

Take me to a fairy tale where dreams they all come true.
Will I ever breathe your scent, and see what’s really you?
And now soon I’ll regain conscious, my fingers you’ll slip through.
And let let me breathe you in again, I want it to be true
To be true

When I close my eyes I dance with you
My love it all comes through
And when you close them do you see the same thing, or do I fade away?
When I had casted down reality, we danced in our shared fantasy,
And I could really love you there, but that we only sometimes shared,
And you would drift away from me,
You’d close your eyes, refuse the sights
And there you wouldn’t dance away,
You couldn’t wait, though here I’d stay just for you,
I would stay

So while I have you by the neck, goodbye
Because love is weak, we can’t deny
Wish I could have seen again your face,
And did you wear expressions of disgrace,
Just for me?

So I conjure a new fantasy, one where you aren’t there
And your shining face creeps into it, I swear I’ll lose my fear
I wish you knew the future darling, and tell me what’s to come,
Would we have ever lost ourselves inside each other
Lovers by one?
Or would you drift away as matter what I was never good enough
For your perfect rainbow of emotion, and arousal magnified
And I could feel the heat, thousands miles away, oh
Touch me, dance along with me, one little final time,
Don’t forget you once were here, you’re mine but now it’s ever gone,
We no more

And when I cried out like a broken creature,
Did you still love me, or was I just a damaged pity object
Did you witch in fear, and do I fill you with disgust,
Old lover, when I used to try,
I would try.

Harbour (But I Don’t Drown)

Follow me, I’m going down
Going down, do-own.
Step with me, go into the pools,
go Into the lake, let’s drown

And somebody’s here,
An messenger,
And nothing but rot,
Covers, so-o
And I sink down

Feet touching the ground,
The nixies surround us,
Messengers among us
Did you come to live with me?
Did a home project from you.
Or would you just watch,
You should just watch.
Watch me drown.

From their lips, in spirits I breathe
The spirits they breathe,
Breathe out
____________and I’ll drown,
Drown into the air,
Drown the ai-ir.

And now, now they take my arms,
And pulling me up,
Pulling me up
Pulling me—
—Were you there?—
—Was that there you there?—
They’re pulling me up,
The surface.
Sky wavers in front,
A hand-breadth away
The messengers hold me before light of day.
Because you can only taken to the doorstep,
El will take only you to the threshold and say,
You shall choose Life, so that you and your offspring may Live
So I did.
And I swim.


And I saw her near the shore,
And she hadn’t followed me, but there was she,
Knees daeemp in panic and water anxieties.
And her test is internal, as mine always is.

The cold will teach you lessons, my thread,
The water tastes like being taught,
Inhale it tastes like being caught.
Even when nose breathed,
Breathed into, given to soul of life.
And can you see the water around me?
See the powers surround me? But
You aren’t concerned with them because,
I can’t tell but perhaps because,
You are more concerned with me.

Maybe there’s a place for me in this,
Maybe there’s a life I should not miss.
Maybe it’s only in my dreams.
If I could only keep my life awake.


Saw you’re buddy said she talked to you last week,
Said you’ve seemed pretty down, you’ve been wanting to call me,
—Do it, do it…
You should do it, do it.
But maybe it’s meant to be this way,
And maybe it’s not just you and I,
Once we were the young in love.

I’m surrounded by life,
Much of points back to you,
Must ignore all of the signs of my past love,
And maybe you’ll finally out of my mind. love.
Because I can see her there, at the shores of my life,
And she is hesitant, expressions bright.
She’ll in dip her feet, but that’s it all for presents.
Not everyone goes into death and life head first as I have,
And maybe that’s why we’re all here anyway one-hundred-twenty.

But I don’t know why she’s here.
And I don’t know her right now,
Don’t know that we’ve met.
—Judge favourably is law.
And why else should she be here?
Wading in closer in case.
Eyes on me, in case.
Case the fires she can’t see,
The angels surround her and me,
And she knows in my heart must surely be there,

And just in case they aren’t.
And maybe they never were,
Because maybe it was me all along,
We can never know for sure, but
God knows.


So why is she here? She looks beautiful I can’t see her face,
But almost I know it.
I know that, and,
Is she maybe you?
And she’s turns away,
Her hair
And now that she’s gone,
I wonder along,

Might she have been the same?
One person, two names?
Will we meet again?
Because I really miss you,
And one day I’ll have go back in,
So if you ever want to see me again,
You’ll have to follow me back then,
And see if you even fucking can.
Because at that time it will be your turn to choose.
And know that either way you can’t lose,
And that; go or stay,

That I lead the way.

Wither’s Shine

Let me repeat
What I said
To You
In my head.

Only yesterday, you told me you were gone
All these normal people, will I find another one?
These days I am a failure,
But I’m your protector.

You are?
I had danced alone for so long, uncertain
And I’ve come, so hopeful, and careful.
You make me curious but,
Ultimately it is not enough
And I have closed up.

The pain is absent this time.
My life goes on, and you?
Muted, muffled away
Fade away.
Please stop coming back
To my thoughts.

It’s what I wanted,
I never meant for this to happen.
And so, let’s keep safe
You won’t remember me,
And I can move on.

Let me repeat
What I said
In my head.

You’ll never know, and
So you want deliverance that fifteen years couldn’t bring?
Do you want to bury all the evidence so far down?
Where will you be in seven years, eight, chet?
And did I not work seven years for someone else
(And yet would you alone not have been enough?)
Because I will be founding my place in the world
For thirty-six or so.
However, high or low,
I am here to wrench the system.
And here to create my own.

But maybe it’s meant to be this way,
‘Cause we were the young in love.
And so we fell into each other.
And it was wonderous because
I could be myself, my worst self.
And we were both our worst self, but,
Somehow it was still fun,
And at times we still clicked.
And maybe for a moment it was eden,
But it can never be one sided,
And I can’t do it on my own.
Remember that you said,
One day you’ll walk alone?

I never said that, and yet,
I had to say goodbye.
Here’s my list of superficial reasons
I know you’ll never truly accept, but,
We both know where this can’t go.

What can I say?
What can I do,
But say thank you.
And repeat to You
What I said
In my head.

I will lose contact,
And I had lost battles.
And you had just watched me
In my miseries.

But always,
Be careful where you are.
Among these thieves, you do not belong,
Beneath the twilight, you are floating on.
And you should realize that,
As long as I’m alone, I am here.
I am still here, still walking forward,
Still forging my future,
Forging the future
Because I take my time with life.
We’re the new hope generation,
The last generation, say the sages,
can you hear the footsteps?

And now that you’re gone;
My eyes are wide open, saying
I want to take my time with love.
And want to marry young;
And I’ll cherish the good times,
And remember the bad,
And I’ll pray that you find someone good,
So maybe we’ll see.

The beshert is real, calling; bind!
And I’m letting go of my grip, finally.
And crying, and maybe we’ll talk again
But for now…

Where is my wife?
Where is my life?
Am I allowed home?
Or will I only sojourn,
All of my life?
So let me repeat to You what I said in my head.
That if I saw you walking there,
That I would call out your name,
But for the first time in my life,
I don’t know if you’d do the same.

5/5 Walk the Earth Alone

I of V
I’m alive,
And this is where I am,
The area is too confined and the footing is poor.
It would be wise not to linger.
But I want us to linger
I want you too.
I want you
I want

And I suppose we could say
That we did all we could,
And you extended your hand
Further than you should.
Did you feel me, all around you?
I could feel you slip away.
Grip tightly to
you woman of glass,
A woman of ice

Luisa - Copy

Red Flash—the clouds—
choking out the morning sky!
She said it’d never come, I knew it was a lie.
All forms of life die now, emotions now succumb,
It’s my world now, it’s my world! IT’S MY WORLD.
Time to kiss your ass goodbye, the end has just begun!
No survivors!
Walk the Earth alone!

Summer 2019_0005
III of V
Open your red eyes and say that you’re
Not related to a the verse I once said,
The hours of work put in,
All the while you never once said with your lips,
One day you’ll walk alone!
And I suppose, and I’ve worked it,
Grip tightly,
That one day I would not,
But certainly!
Today is not this day,
So draw not near one last time,
For it is said that after the third,
There is no escaping, a jest.
‘Tis clear to me enough that,
There always must be for you one so,
Sit on the sidelines of my life as before,
And never say that I didn’t tell you,
And never again look reveal to you how weak I am,
Am I a weak man?
My hand is getting caught in the grinding wheel
often, because I put it there,
Because this is how I learn.
Abrupt shocking emotional pain.
And my limbs grow back like those others,
And I will grow more legs as running continues,
And I am the man with four arms,
One for each kingdom.
And here I digress,
And turn I back to
Turning away from you.

“If you could date one celebrity, who would it be?”
And the emotions cry out, I would that she
Become famous, that I may dance with her once.
Yet even my quotidian is interesting.

Do you ever flip through your tunes and hit
Something you’ve imprinted memories into?
“Maybe it’s meant to be this way,
‘Cause we are the young in love.”
“Take, take your time
But move so fast,
Because hearts move on,
And this was real,

Summer 2019_0004
And so today, as we part ways,
Again, for the uncounted time,
I will do what little I can to say goodbye.
And I suppose that means a five part text,
And a piece of coloured art,
And a repetition of something I told you the first time.
Come to || where the || waters || meet the shores,
I’ll be there, and I will stay,
Leaving you.

I walk,
I walk the earth alone, for now.
And it will always disturb me,
Why is it I tower over you?
Is it only me, and did you simply move on, While I
like a Condor, grow wings mid-fall,
And struggle to fly off into the mist?

Daniel Triumph.

This is the Last of the Last of the Last Act: Forgotten until Further Notice.
Published today specifically.

Full Cover Here (DeviantArt Link):

Forgotten until Further Notice

Moving on, however,
You can read this.

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