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  • Freezing

    She had returned, I thought, and even danced with me.But now once more she has wandered away, alone in the dark. A vast frozen lake.I wanted to leave the little ones home, but they wouldn’t have it.But the storm has been here for hours.I put them in my coat for safety.I hope you’re not out […]

  • Forgotten Until Further Notice.

    Fathoms 1/5 Au.3.2018 (Ma.20.2019) I’ll be a while Because I need to see the sun set What will we do? Who am I to ask such a question? Will we stay two And you know how I feel about you You don’t know all the things I could do I could save me from the […]

  • Web Journal 1

    Dear ephemeris. Today, I, of my own free will, decided to give my love some room to breathe. Hopefully this will the be the last time, but I am a loving god. I feel homesick, because she was my home. But a relationship must be reciprocal. So when she takes a vow of silence, so must […]