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  • Forgotten Until Further Notice.

    Fathoms 1/5 Au.3.2018 (Ma.20.2019) I’ll be a while Because I need to see the sun set What will we do? Who am I to ask such a question? Will we stay two And you know how I feel about you You don’t know all the things I could do I could save me from the […]

  • Categorization: An Unsound Guide to Characters [Part 1!]

    High Achieving Women Openness: 99th Percentile Chloe Rhye, GE Age 14-26 (Adjusted. True age: 830-990) Female, Solune, Incel/Married/Widowed. Apprentice Healer > Autodidactic Study > Liberal Arts BA > History BA > Mentor > Secondary Teacher > Military > Lawyer/Poet > Expedition Leader > Elsara > ? (Born year 3171 by the old calendar, around 16/800 […]

  • burnout and other fabulous intentions

    It’s that time of the year again. And I think the best part about being depressed is that you question your fundamentals. The reason I’m in English is not so that I could get a job. Pro tip, you want a job? Avoid the humanities. Try a skilled trade, everyone always needs more tradesmen in […]

  • Concrete Poetry Collection

    This is an anthology post of my recent exploration into photographic and concrete poetry. St(.)Rangers second draft. (09.06.2018) XXX by Alexandre (09.04.2018) Megadeth lyrics, red prismacolor, printer paper, on a door (copyright Megadeth, 1985) Mastering the Work Clock (08.31.2018) Millennial + Gen Z (Romantic version) (08.30.2018) Goth Ewe II (AKA my coworker friend and Gothic […]

  • an internal and depressed discourse

    an internal and depressed discourse

    This is a personal blog post, not a story 😮 and I think the worst part about being depressed is that you question your fundamentals. Why am I in University? Why for English? Why not Biology? Why pursue something you know for a fact isn’t your ‘passion’? But wait, isn’t passion built by doing something […]

  • Digital Art vs Traditional Art

    Digital Art vs Traditional Art

    Let my tell you why this argument is meaningless by way of comparison. Comparing Traditional against Digital is like comparing Paintings and Oil Paintings. It doesn’t make a lot of sense because one sort of encompasses the other. They’re also not really separate form each other, they both require the same core skills. Look, when […]

  • The DeviantArt page is now LIVE!

    If you’re interested in some amateur level visual art, you can check out my DeviantArt. As you can see, I lack backgrounds and colour, two things I’m working on now. I understand that WordPress is a text-based platform, so most people likely aren’t interested in visuals. However! This is still something I do, and […]