Fathom’s Second

The prequel to Fathom’s S***** II

Fathom’s Second
(or, Fathom’s Moment, because there are two seconds in a moment.)
Obviously, this was written for direct consumption by a certain someone, but I’ll also share, so here you go.

Daniel Triumph

Fathom’s Moment

I’ll be a while
Because I need to see the sun set
What will we do?
Who am I to ask such a question?
We stay two
Because you know how I feel about you
And you don’t know all the things I could do
Can you save me from the twilight?
We don’t know how you feel about it too.
Do you
Thought you were gone
And I guess I was right for a moment
And I guess that I should have known better
Than to think
Think that I could ever know for a moment
What your beautiful soul
What the gift the divine soul could show it
What do I do
Because I really hoped to have known you
All of it gone
I just wish that I’d had a little guidance
Because I’ll be thinking about you oftentimes
And I’ll find my own way now
But I wonder if I’d find you
and I wonder if you would love me even if I did
Because you don’t even make it to my dreams
(Except that one night you did)
What does it mean
That all of my hands have changed since I met you
Has it been for the best I can’t tell you
How do I know
How do I know which is good which is poor and
I want to ask you
But I know that I know what the rules are
And I know that you’ve built up this wall in my way here
And I know that you put it all up
These boundaries
Are they really here for a reason
I’ve been doubting your thoughts for a long time
Because I think you should think for a moment
And I want you to give me a reason
You know I’ve had some negative thoughts now
Like, oh why is she calling the shots now
When she said that she was the one making mistakes
And that I was never to blame
Deals are subject to whim,
But it comes back to us.
You know I think it’s obvious that
That we are both to blame for this place
I said to myself oh how futile
Because you know we both know
We both know that it isn’t just me.
Did I say I would wait?
And did you hear when I called out your name?
“What have I done”
I would think it over and over
Because I really thought it was over
And then you rekindled a bit,
You know it isn’t too late to saw we were wrong
And we know I’ll make sure you don’t regret
That you don’t regret anything that we’ve done
I’ll make sure that I wait for a moment,
But don’t wait too long because you know it
You know that this fades away-
And I really don’t know how you see it
But I’d rather stay here in eden
And would I notice
If you walked beneath the treetops
And I could smell the moss and the branches
Our glowing beams
And if I noticed that you were walking there
If you were all alone, and even if you were not,
I would call out your name.



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