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  • Do You Strive for Mastery, or Simply to Write?

    What is one piece of advice that just doesn’t work for me? That it’s okay not to write every day. I experienced unfinished work, plummeted productivity and even quality. Robert A. Heinlein wrote constantly. Robert Heinlein was arguably one of the biggest names in science fiction of the 20th century. Heinlein published 32 novels, 59 […]

  • What do I do about Editing and Revision regarding Creative Writing?

    I have been consistently writing creatively since 2017, so as of writing this it’s been 6 years. The helpful answer is that I find that once I’m already editing I actually enjoy it, even if I resist starting. So the answer is to just start, and worry about liking it after. The more difficult answer […]

  • Woes of Publishing and How I had to Pivot this Website

    Over the last month, I made a realization that forced me (in many ways) to completely alter the way in which this blog is run. This realization resulted in a feeling of great loss. It reminds me of a portion in Steve Carell the film, Little Miss Sunshine, in which one of the protagonists, a […]

  • Fathom’s Second

    The prequel to Fathom’s S***** II Fathom’s Second (or, Fathom’s Moment, because there are two seconds in a moment.) Obviously, this was written for direct consumption by a certain someone, but I’ll also share, so here you go. Daniel Triumph Fathom’s Moment Au.3.2018 I’ll be a while Because I need to see the sun set […]

  • Notes and Plans on Alice and Finch

    Notes and Plans on Alice and Finch

    There are two pieces of information that I want to add to the Alice and Finch story. They don’t really warrant a third part, so I’m thinking it’ll likely end up as a prologue and epilogue, but maybe both in one piece. I also plan on doing a hard edit of all three parts and […]

  • The First Post

    I love information, logic, and critical arguments, and that’s likely what this blog will be littered with.