The First Post

This post is for not just the this weekend’s plans, but also the long term goals and aspirations of this blog. This is the first step down a long and valuable road for me. I intend to develop a personal brand through this blog, and hopefully generate a following of people who are interested in reading my posts a few times a week.

So, my goals are to improve as a fiction and essay writer, and gain a following large enough that I can monetize my work here and do it full time. I’m aware that money is one of my goals, but I also think that in this case it’s okay. It’s not the only goal, and it’s not even the end goal. It’s a stepping stone to enable me to do even more work. The biggest goal is improving as a content creator and as an artist.

I aim to improve as an artist and as a content creator, bringing value to people while also developing my skills.

My life is on a three step plan, three steps that are large in scope and without a specific path. I’ll be clear, my goal is solid, but how I will get there is subject to change as I find better and more efficient methods. This is the first step towards my goal, and there is no road. I make it as I go. I love information, logic, narrative and critical arguments, and that’s likely what this blog will be littered with. If that interests you, feel free to subscribe for all my content, as well as follow my on facebook and twitter.

Daniel Triumph.


1 week later: I’ve returned to this post to confirm and reaffirm my goals. I made a few edits, and touched up but it largely remains the same. The three step plan might end up being only a two step plan, which I think is a good thing. A cutting of the fat. I’ll be back next time I revisit this first post.

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