The Solune Sovereignim: Update

Something of a mess, isn’t it?
Here’s the table of contents for The Solune Sovereignim.

The Solune Sovereignim is a project that more or less has to happen. Why? Well because it not only goes into the backstories for two important characters in the world of my stories (currently named Däwngale), but also because it is to go over the birth of some other characters important to the world. In addition to all of that, it will recount the founding of the most important Kingdom in the world, narratively. The central location, and place where many of my most developed characters hail from. That, of course, is the Solune Kingdom.

The Solune Sovereignim focuses in on the two founders of the Solune, Rhye and Guuenhime. Due to both characters being more or less immortal (aging incredibly slow), there is a ton of ground this novel / novella could cover. Centuries of ground. Maybe I’ll get into this later; for now let’s get into the major issue with the project.

Like The Solune Prince before it, The Solune Sovereignim has been interrupted and is apparently in need of some rewriting. What happened? Let’s get into it.

There are Literally Two Versions

When Nanowrimo 2021 came around in November, I decided it would be a great idea to restart the project and perhaps write a more polished edition. I wasn’t too far into it (or so I thought), so I thought it would be fine. Well, November was a frustratingly busy time in my life (as usual), and due to the shifting landscape, I only got around 2000 words done…which for reference is about the length of one chapter.

The result is that I have two distinct versions, with distinct voices. They can’t simply be combined, since they take two different approaches. (The Nano version has a more prominent narrator, that is the major difference, and since it permeates each part of the text, it cannot be changed without some effort.) So, which do I continue? The original is much longer, but the rewrite has a lot of important and interesting information in it.

Well, anyone who has followed this blog for long enough, and in particular the blog updates on The Solune Prince, will know that one of the major issues with the early work in TSP is that I kept restarting. Fortunately, even though I think the current beginning of that novel isn’t that good, it still matches a lot better than the previous version. In this case, the situation is different. Really, I should not have restarted at all this time, even more so than with TSP.

Even as I’m writing this, I wonder if I should restart, or just continue the original version and add some of the info from the Nano version. What I see happening is that I will take large sections of the original version and copy it into this new draft.

So that’s it for The Solune Sovereignim. The project will likely be restarted, or I will continue where I left off and splice information from the Nano draft into the earlier or later chapters as needed. I will lose the interesting tone of the Nano version, but it was perhaps too thick with exposition.

Really, the more I write, the less sure I am. We will see. For now, I will work on re-continuing The Solune Prince, since that is supposed to be my main project, and Sovereignim a secondary one. At least for now.

Thanks for reading, perhaps I will do another update when I’m more sure of things.

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