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  • Alexandre in Sections (table of contents)

    This is a collection of Alexandre Siren/Dirge’s story. This mostly covers her backstory, and each peace is generally in a different style. Enjoy! Raze From the Journals of Anselm Siren Cry in Anger Dirge Chronicle Wraith Hail Artifact Edition Shade the Past Sirens His Old Withered House Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 String Quartet […]

  • Last of the Last Act (Table of Contents)

    Table of Contents: Fathoms and Actors [The Last of the Last Act is still being written. Dead links will be active in coming days.] Last of the Last Act (Complete) Fathom’s Qart Shed Tides  Harbour, but I Don’t Drown  Wither’s Shine Walk the Earth Alone The lists below are incomplete. The First Set The First […]

  • Table of Contents: The Demo Tapes

    The Demo Tapes is what I’m calling the work, or versions of work, that I put in my most recent literary portfolio. Why? Because “portfolio” sounds boring, and “demo tape” sounds cool. I also love the music reference. The Summer 2019 Portfolio was aggressively assembled in about a week, and vigorously edited with the help […]

  • Table of Contents: Span

    When I was young, very young, it was my mother who took care of me. She taught me to walk, and she was the one that informed my early actions. But, as I grew older, my father’s frustration changed how it was our family functioned. Understandably, what he wanted was a pupil. He would talk […]

  • Table of Contents: Mariça

    Table of Contents: Mariça

    Mariça is a short story series about a young woman, old enough to hunt, who would much rather spend her time exploring the mountains in the north. This brings a bit of trouble to her village, since she isn’t bringing home much food, but it also brings a lot of trouble to her when she […]

  • Table of Contents: Poetry

    This is most of my poetry. I don’t write a lot of poetry, but when I do, I’ll link to it here. This is not exhaustive. You now find yourself invited to check out the “Poetry“ category for more. General Poetry Revel and Rot The Path of August The Path It’s Finally Over And… nge […]

  • The Solune Prince

    The Solune Prince

    The Solune Prince is the story Chloe Rhye, Seventh Prince of the Solune. “We sent half of the police force out into the desert to find Rottts, the heir. She became a mercenary. A month later they return, half of them dead the other half traumatized, okay? Like, that’s as nuts where I come from as […]

  • Broken Teeth

    This serial has been cancelled, and set to private. Preview Chronological Order 1: At the Brink 1: Jump 2: Architecture 2: The Thief 3: Pent 4: Broken Teeth 4: Terrific Fatal Mania, Prelude 5: Terrific Fatal Mania, Annihilation 6: Crown of Worms In Progress Below are planned releases. This section changes a lot, as it is […]

  • Table of Contents: Short Stories

    Dawngale (sorted by location, then by quality, subjectively judged by the writer. Some Character-based sub-headers are used as well.) This is not exhaustive. Please be encouraged to check out the “Short Stories“ category for more. Murdock, The Solune Capital Inck Alice (no longer canon) (Link to the rest of Alice and Finch) The Spectator; The […]

  • Table of Contents: Alice and Finch

    Alice and Finch This is the old Table of Contents for Alice and Finch. Most of the content linked here is not publicly available. Please see the current Table of Contents for your navigation ease. Alice and Finch is the story of a young boy who meets the village monster, only to find out that […]

  • Table of Contents: Harry Potter

    Table of Contents: Harry Potter

    About the Reviews My background when it comes to Harry Potter is that I have no childhood experience. Last year, I watched the first two movies and I thought they were okay. This isn’t about the movies though, this is about the books. I just recently started reading Harry Potter at the age of twenty, […]

  • Table of Table of Contents Contents

    The Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents: Evidence

    Evidence is a long series of short stories about a young woman named Janna. She is the daughter of the King, and she has broken many laws abroad. She returns and turns herself in. Things start to go south when she realizes just how bad her timing was. On top of it all, the person […]

  • Table of Contents: Dawngale Roleplay

    Partial Overview This is content loosely based on the tabletop RPG (Dungeons and Dragons mostly) sessions that I’ve run in the past. Retelling campaigns makes for a very boring read, so I’ll be recounting it as a narrative from the point of view of a non-player character, usually. I focus on plot when I make […]