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  • Alexandre in Sections (table of contents)

    This is a collection of Alexandre Siren/Dirge’s story. This mostly covers her backstory, and each peace is generally in a different style. Enjoy! Raze From the Journals of Anselm Siren Cry in Anger Dirge Chronicle Wraith Hail Artifact Edition Shade the Past Sirens His Old Withered House Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 String Quartet […]

  • From the Journals of Anselm Siren

    From the logs and journals of Anselm Siren. Recollections and quotations further exacted by aid of Miss Dirge. An Introduction Alexandre Dirge’s mood could change quickly, but usually to one of a similar nature. That is, her tongue would change on a snap from blowtorch to battering ram. Fascinating. It took quite a lot of […]

  • Scrap 2

    If someone called out to you in pain, would you listen? Because that’s what I do to you and you don’t. What the dead men teach That anger is a form of cry And it is all I know. Alexandre Dirge.

  • Dirge Chronicle

    A poem I come from a long line of those deceased, My father, for one, when I was very young, Killed, I am told on some crime leader’s order, By my mother, to save the family…somehow. Just her and I, now. And this crime business. Where has she gone since? Gone like her mind, No […]

  • Quartet (v2)

    She would rise in the middle of the night on some nights, the long nights, and wander to the window. I only began to notice when I started sleeping as much as she did. I would feel her movement during the lighter portions of my sleep. One night, I woke up and saw her creep […]

  • Quartet

    [Version 1. 1504 words. Short story.] She would rise in the middle of the night on some nights, the long nights, and wander to the window. I only began to notice when I started sleeping as much as she did. One night we wandered away down the halls. Our house of a decent size for […]

  • The Solune Prince: [Workshop II]

    Let us look into the future for a moment, as we did here. He shook her awake frantically. It didn’t matter. He had to know that she hadn’t died or worse. She had died, but she wasn’t dead any more. The romance in her heart wanted to believe that he had brought her to life, […]

  • Raze

    The Demo Tapes Part 1 – Raze Portfolio Edition When she had finished speaking, she stared at me. I looked at her rather intensely. She glared at me openly. Perhaps she lacked a sense of etiquette, or perhaps the intensity came from an underlying edge—perhaps more than an edge—of…something. “And as a result,” I continued, […]

  • Alexandre Dirge’s Commonplaces

    Some Excerpts from Alexandre Dirge’s Commonplace book.

  • The Solune Prince: Digression II

    A dialogue about adrenaline.

  • Alexandre Jutt’s Journal – I, Woman

    This is another page from Alexandre Jutt Dirge’s journal. She is a Masters of Chemistry student at the Solune Academy (Officially named the Solune Royal house of Sophia.) She is known for having a scathing tongue and being extremely judgemental. She is also considered beautiful. Tall, well endowed, and having pale and clear skin. Hated […]

  • Alexandre Jutt’s Journal – Epinephrine

    2nd draft of “Alexandre Jutt’s Journal“ Alexandre Jutt Eighth month, 3rd day. Epinephrine is the fight or flight hormone. Humans, when subjected to chronic loneliness, begin to release epinephrine and the hormone, left unchecked, will erode the body from the inside. It prevents the body from regeneration and inhibits the immune system. Is it your […]

  • Alexandre Jutt’s Journal

    Alexandre Jutt’s Journal

    This is a writing I made way back in September. It’s exam season right now, and on top of that, I’m not being as productive as I would like to be. However, I am intent on keeping this blog going even during my hardest times, so here is a piece, almost not even a story, […]