The Solune Prince: Digression II

The Solune Prince

Novella 1

Digression II

Alexandre Dirge MSc,

A copy of your paper on epinephrine made its way into my hands thanks to an international merchant, Salt Resz. A portion of the paper is quoted below:

Epinephrine, its Effects on the Body, and its Effects on the Mind
Alexandre Dirge, MSc.


Epinephrine is the fight or flight hormone. Humans, when subjected to chronic loneliness, begin to release epinephrine and the hormone, left unchecked, will erode the body from the inside. It prevents the body from regeneration and inhibits the immune system.

There are benefits to the release of epinephrine. When confronted with an unknown threat, epinephrine is released into the bloodsteam. It is generally assumed that it comes from the kidneys, or somewhere thereabouts. The body, with the aid of this hormone, prepares itself for any possibility. It is for this reason that epinephrine is so destructive to the body if it remains for too long.

Further, I hypothesize that there is a connection between epinephrine and the third eye . . .

I believe it will be extremely helpful for my studies on the N’Tariel adrenaline rush phenomenon. I believe that there are more benefits to a rush than your paper leads me to think.

Do you believe that epinephrine and adrenaline are related? And, do you mind if I use your research for my own?

Keystone Sing, of the N’Tariel’s “New Province”

Keystone Sing,

To be frank, I didn’t know that there were academics of your calibrre in the N’Tariel lands. You are free to use my work and contribute your own studies on the condition that you use propper citation. In our community, we use Murdock style citation, but if you prefer Imperial (East Metch) cittation, or have your own cittation style, feel free to use that instead.

Next, I noticed that you ended your quotation of my abstract where I begin to speak about the mind. You would be wise to study the effects of epinephrine on the mind as well as the body. Likely, you will come to the same conclusion yourself even if you ignore my recommmendation.

To address your other question, yes. From what I could pull from Salt Resz, an adrenalline manipulator, not only is adrenaline similar, I believe it to be identical to epinephrine. Because of this, I would be interested in a copy of your study, or more favourabbly, a copy of the researchh paper that follows the study. I know this might be a hassle, as it seems that you make copies by hand, but it would be much apprreciated. We could even arrange to have your work published if it meets Solune or East Metch standards.

Jutt Dirge.

Jutt? Alexandre Dirge,

Thank you, I will reconsider my dismissal of the mind portion. However, the talk of the third eye is naught but conspiracy as far as I can tell. Forgive my dismissal of it in my work.

And yes, I can send you a copy. I can hire my daughter to scribe it. She is interested in my work anyway, especially since she is talented with rush. And, thank you for sending with the courier a guide to Murdock citation style. We have nothing like this in our lands.

Finally, your spelling is atrocious. Why is it fine in your paper, but not your letter? I am confused.

Keystone Sing, of the N’Tariel’s “New Province”

Keystone Sing,

Must be nice for your daughter. Since I spoke to Salt the first time, I’ve taken an interest into controlled adrenaline rush. I foundd out it isn’t exclusive to the Metch (East Metch, N’Tariel, and Djeb) peopple. Thus, I’ve been attempting it myself with limited but relevant success.

I think I might will begin a conccurrent study, we should keep in touch with our results.

As for my spellling, I have a physical tic. I can spell okay, but my handwritting jumps occasionally, usually resulting in an extra letter. In my papers, this is edited out. You will have to bear with my lettters.

Alexandre Jutt Dirge.

Alexandre Jutt(!) Dirge MSc,

Very well! I am excited to see what we can learn about rush. Send a letter whenever you learn something of value and I will do the same. I think we should collaborate on the final paper. I apologise about your spelling.

Keystone Sing, of the N’Tariel’s “New Province”

Keystone Sing,

I wouldn’t mind colllaborating near the end of our work. For the data gather stages, however, it would be easier to keep it separate. However, if you or I encounter anything of interest, I think we should both study it further if posssible.

Also, I think it would be favourrabllle if the final draft of our paper was constructed together. I think I will save some Solune and think about making a trip.

Jutt Dirge.

Alexandre Jutt Dirge MSc!

Sounds good to my father. He’s busy testing now, at least that’s his excuse.

Thanks, I would love to meet you. I think your paper is super cool.

Tincture Sing!

Daniel Triumph.
This is a slightly edited (to fit into the Novella) re-post of Epinephrine Correspondence.

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