Dirge Chronicle

A poem

I come from a long line of those deceased,
My father, for one, when I was very young,
Killed, I am told on some crime leader's order,
By my mother, to save the family...somehow.
Just her and I, now.
And this crime business.

Where has she gone since?
Gone like her mind,
No better than my mind,
Actually quite worse.

I joined them myself after,
When I tried to save her,
Fought, kill and then be killed,
Lost only my teeth though,
But I set her free.¹

And I escaped with a short sentence,
Since I colluded with the guards,
Where had mother gone?
Was she caught up, who knows.
Tried to get an education,
It didn't last very long.

Then journeyed from town,
On a quest for the Prince.°
For the Prince?
With the Prince.
Hadn't seen mother since.

The Prince, she took us to a faraway place,
Took my incontinence with me,
So I could fall once again.

Among our group,
I met an unpleasant young man,
Which was wonderful for me,
And I was wonderful for him.

We fought a great civil war,
In this Underside city.
Took control of myself
Long enough to give my hand.
And after I wanted to go off,

To start a life with that man.
But like my father before me,
It seemed he would die in the end,
Except it was sooner.

And now I am here.
I have come a long way but,
I felt like I had lost it all.
I remember my voice from back then.

He's just missing
He is just missing
He's just missing

Missing or not,
Either way he is gone.

And now I am here,
Because I had given up,
In another, far away city.

Why is it that I was so good at giving up?
Why did I let myself be brought so low?
This new city is strange.
Here I had given up my life,
I am like a slave here,
I feel that I had sold my life.

But I opened my eyes,
Then opened them again.
A year or so passed,
So here I begin.

How will I even get out of this now,
My mother came,²
And burned the place down.³

And we ran off,
Mad women,
As we always were.
I thought to myself,

What really happened after the war?
He's probably out there somewhere.

¹See: Raze 
²See: Shade the Past 
³See: Wraith Hail
°See: The Solune Prince

Out of these footnotes, “Wraith Hail” and “Shade the Past” are the most readable. “Raze” is difficult.

Daniel Triumph.

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