Treads beneath the Willow Trees

Ankle deep she treads beneath the willow trees
Feet deep into water brown with mud and wine

And now she turns to me her feet still pointed straight
She calls out in a tragic voice, but tells me that she’ll wait

The voice is drenched in honey and I know she will be mine
My boots thrown off, stashed in the bushes and I follow suit
The young wife of my youth—
I love her like the bitter waters
That we’ve stepped into
I grabbed her hand compassionately
And she falls back to my chest
Our feet are cold and drenched in muddy water
As we dance I place my thumb on to her small shoulder blade and then we waltz along

And we step into the water deeper
Not blue or green, it’s brown
And feet sink in the ground
My dear what is that sound
My love oh it’s your heart

We haven’t even started in this brand new life of ours
In this deep love of ours

The water that I thought I
Her shining ruby eyes
survey our scene
And I take another step
When the cool and cleaner waters touch the foundation of the mind

Is it you there
Have you always been this harmony inside my chest
Do we drift from sea to sea
From heart to heart
Or instead

I take her hand inside of mine
Her ring inside of mine
And we shake until the trembling pulls us back a step or two
And was it you
We are surrounded by the green
And what is shimmering
And leaves drench down on branches hanging like a vine
Oh we tumble back to shore
She tells me please oh please oh more!
And so we take our newly married joys
And take them back to home, and
Were you her?
Will you be the love of mine?

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