Confided II [JN 22/22]

Before me and yet far away
One path one which I must stand, moves beneath my feet.
The earth rotates me forward but I, despite its
spin, even should I stay in place (which I do not)
Would thus be conveyed slowly to her by the world’s rotation. 

For my part, I work capricorniously.
On this my mind and hands are devoted to three endeavours.
The lowest, writing of many forms. The most reliable and promising,
Music, journals, documents for the crown. The most spontaneous and questionable,
A band or business. Philosophy. Astrology. Spirituality. Battle.
Love of Hashem. I hope that He helps me to choose and
even combine these first peaceful three. To avoid the last.

For now, I chip away slowly at my work. 

She is haunted by an ailment of sorts.
God will cure her. I am not alone.
I even bought writing on the subject.
Cortisol, dopamine, adrenaline.
Alexandre’s caustic mixture.

Soon we will be cured.
Punishment and reward.
My home is coming,
I only have to work, to study, and to pray.

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