Confided [AL 22/22]

He Wrote:

Right now I am struggling with a difficult ailment.
Apparently, one of the most difficult.

Apart from this concern, I feel as though
a new chapter is unfolding in my life. Finally moving to publish an album.
It seems more hopeful now that I know how the system works.
And that her serene highness smiles upon my name.

And as for career, I am looking to get into defense, and then maybe
I can turn that part time freelance into full time work.
Maybe. I hope so. And if not, I will get a full time time job in this toil.

Family. These, and creating good habits, are my present goals for life.
And on top of all this, if I am taken down the road of development,
to hopefully turn it into a full businesses, and become more than a sword for hire.
I hope. Maybe I might own a company or band. I do not know.
I pray to God. 

Anselm Siren

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